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  1. madmax_2a

    Lawedge_Stratos HF -Targa Florio Rally 81 - N°5 Pregliasco-Perissutti V1

  2. madmax_2a

    Lawedge-Stratos HFAlitalia N°1- 2nd SanRemo 76-Munari-Maiga V1

    I know there are several livery models on this site, but I wanted to make this legendary Lancia Stratos livery "Alitalia", so enjoy this beauty, drive safe and put on your seatbelts. ;)
  3. madmax_2a

    Lawedge_Stratos HFOlio Fiat N° 24-Sanremo 80-Tabaton-Radaelli V1

    I am very proud to have completed this livery, because : -It is one of my favorite rally cars of all time. -Many famous pilots have tamed it. -She is sexy & charismatic. :inlove: I love the Stratos ...
  4. niteshifts

    Alitalia #1 - La Wedge v2

    ////////// All liveries uploaded by me have been made by me. Feel free to make any modifications to the liveries for your own personal use. Please do not modify and upload these to another source. Any concerns? Feel free to DM me here or on my Discord at NITE#9487.
  5. T0MMY36888

    1978 Rally Sanremo Lancia Stratos (la wedge) 1.0

    Livery based 1978 Rally Sanremo Lancia Stratos
  6. Yap018

    1977 Lancia Stratos HF No.1 - Rally Monte Carlo 1.0

    My version of the classic Alitalia livery for the Lancia Stratos (la wedge) from the 70's. Copy PNG file to: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group 3\la wedge\
  7. O

    [ DATA REPLACEMENT] For 1969 Dino Ferrari 246GT .9

    **Now includes the DINO MONZA 3.6 EVO as seen on Jay Leno's Garage** 4/29/20 The star of this download is now the Dino Monza 3.6 Evo but the original two files with the Lancia Stratos drivetrain are still included. The original overview is as follows... Imagine it's 1973 and you have just...
  8. PR0JECTNR56

    Lancia Stratos Gr. 5. Giro d'Italia Automobilistico 1977 #539 1.1

    Introduction: 1977 Giro d'Italia Automobilistico entry of Lancia. The 3D model comes with a few limitations due to it's age, however in overall it is still a quality improvement over the original skin with a number of brand new details. Installation: There are two skin options to choose from...
  9. skl1984

    Lancia Stratos Siroco - Makrinos Acropolis Rally 1978 V.1

    Lancia Stratos Siroco - Makrinos Acropolis Rally 1978 Install: Just unzip the folder in the cars folder in game directory Hope you likle it
  10. T

    Templates H3 Class for DR2.0 2019-03-13

    The files include both external body and windows template. Cars Included: 240Z Ascona 400 M3 Evo R5 Turbo Sierra Cosworth Stratos HF
  11. miton5656

    LanciaStratos 1979 spanishwinner Diez Competicion 1.0

  12. miton5656

    LanciaStratos prototypetaste 1.0

    It's a joke.
  13. miton5656

    LanciaStratos Early ALITALIA 1.0

  14. miton5656

    LanciaStratos 1980 VSD chardonnet 1.0

  15. miton5656

    LanciaStratos 1977 ASEPTOGYL 1.0

    Hi Everyone! enjoy !!
  16. Gian76

    Lancia Stratos Olio Fiat - F. Tabaton SRemo 1980 1.0

    -Backup your livery n°43 Lancia Stratos or use DirtRally Mod Manager -You can use DirtRally Mod Manager. Cheers.
  17. Goozys

    Tasos Livieratos, Makrinos Manólis / Acropolis Rally 1978 1.0

    -------------------------------- You can donate, If you like my liveries and want to support my work. My Piggy Bank will be pleased with every cent you donate.
  18. Gian76

    Stratos B.Darniche A.Mahe Tour de Course FR 1981 1.4

    Backup your original Stratos Livery n°42, before install.
  19. oscar.codina

    Lancia Stratos HF - M.Bianchini/D.Darderi 2017-01-04

    (I couldn't find some of the logos, so I had to create them by myself)
  20. oscar.codina

    Lancia Stratos HF - Erik Comas/Yannick Roche 0.9

    Hello, this is the first skin made by myself, and it's the Lancia Stratos that Erik Comas drove in the 2016 edition of the Asturias Historic Rally. It's the 0.9 version, because I didn't manage to make the clock that is at the back of the car, and I'm not expecting to be able to make it. So for...