Dashboard creations for SimHub

Dashboard creations for SimHub V13.0

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Using a second screen as a dash display?
Mercedes AMG GT3.png

Then check out these dash creations!
Ferrari 488 GTE.png

Porsche 919.png

Within the download, there are two main folders. One called 'DashTemplates', this holds all the currently supported dashboards. There is also another folder called 'Old Dashboards', this has all my old creations that I no longer support but you still might like to have a look at.

To install simply unzip the downloaded folder and place the 'DashTemplates' folder within the simhub installation folder. Usually found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub or within the 'Old Dashboards' folder install the 'DashTemplates' folder within there too for the old creations.

The main outputs should work for all games supported by Simhub, but they do have a few game specific extra's thrown in. Mainly Assetto Corsa but there are a couple for ETS and R-Factor 2 as well. I have been playing with iRacing a lot lately so my latest dashboards are created to work with them.

They have all been formatted for a 1.66/1 aspect ratio (small waveshare 800x480 hdmi monitor) and I have included all pictures used if you wish to edit or create any of your own.

This is app is a great replacement for a Z1 dashboard and the likes. Why not come join SimHub's discord server for more discussion on everything sim related!

Discord link here: https://discord.gg/nBBMuX7

Amstudio on Youtube has created a great video detailing these dashboard creations.

Remember to set buttons to 'Action A', 'Action B', 'Action C', 'Action D', 'Next Screen' and Previous Screen' in SimHub's mappings section to get full use out of the screens. Action A & Action C will switch any main screen back and forward within my creations and Action B will switch any secondary screen within the dashboard. Action D will switch LED layout on the F1 dashboard (see update notes V2.0).

If you are after a small screen to use with this I recommend purchasing a genuine waveshare (just make sure it is compatible with windows first).
5 Inch version:

4.3 Inch version:

Mclaren PCU-8D.png

Had a report someone was getting flags all the time in iRacing. Worked out this is because I'm using RomainRob's great iRacing flags plugin.

Please put the dll file in the root simhub folder and activate the iracing flags plugin.

Cosworth Electronics.png Mclaren 650S Without Leds.png Motec.png Audi TT.png

If you enjoy this content and wish to donate please use the button below. (I don't expect anyone to donate and knowing people enjoy my work is enough).
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Latest reviews

thanks a lot man!
bravo et merci pour votre travail
These are just amazing. I thought I might be able to make my own hybrid between the Ferrari and Mercedes GT3 dashes but the sheer volume of inputs and screens in both dashes is phenomenal. Thank you very much, a lot of work has very obviously been put into these.
Superb job. Thank you!
superbe travail !!!!! merci de le partager avec nous utilisateurs de SimHub
Génial, Super pack, Je vous remercie.
Thank you for this great stuff
génial, fonctionne parfaitement
Very Nice, how can I change speedometer to km/h?
David Meek
David Meek

If you go into the simhub settings there is an option to have KM/h or MPH.
Since this update, the dashborads with track option, now instead the track layout, shows 'ENGINE OFF' text.
David Meek
David Meek

This is a rotating screen so use action a or b to switch between. Option is there just in case people don't want to see the map when not in the car.
GREAT JOB ! But what to do with Pictures folder plz ?
David Meek
David Meek
No need to worry about that, just there in case you want to use them for anything.
Very useful. Thanks for the effort put into this.
gran lavoro
What about 5 stars ???? but also more .. Thanks
Once again, many thanks.
My main issue is, which one I will choose, hehe ;)
David Meek
David Meek
Haha! Glad you like them. I have that problem too. I tend to stick to the one that is applicable for the car I'm driving.

That's why some are more complete than others. When I come up with an idea I try to implement it into all my dashboards.
Hello ! Super pack! Thank you.
What to do with Pictures-Edit / Layaouts / Logo etc ?
David Meek
David Meek

Glad you like them. The extra folders are there just if someone wants to play around with stuff. They have all the content I use to make the dashboards.
Outstanding. Nice work