• "I've tried everything other than jumping out of a plane, but nothing gives you an adrenaline rush like racing a car." - Nigel Mansell
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SimHub, DIY Sim racing Dash 5.2.5 beta 6

Get your perfect dash! On screen, seven segment, leds or embedded LCD, let your creativity decide!

  1. Wotever
    SimHub is a modular multi sim dashboard,
    You can compose your very own dash !


    You can find an amazing dash pack made by the Dash Studio Addict @David Meek here : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/dashboard-creations-for-simhub.15590/

    Supported games are :
    • Assetto Corsa
    • IRacing
    • ProjectCars/ProjectCars2
    • Codemasters games (Dirt 4, Dirt 2,Dirt 3, Dirt Rally, F1 20XX)
    • Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck simultator
    • RRE *
    • Rfactor1 *
    • Automobilista (using Rfactor1 plugin)
    • Rfactor2 *
    • LFS *
    • RBR *
    • GTR1 *
    • GT Legends *
    • GTR2 / Race*
    • Race07 *
    • Trackmania *
    • War thunder *
    * Some games have missing data and does not provide full SimHub features.
    I do not give support for non legit game copies.

    A discord server has been opened with the great help of @BuToNz, do not hesitate to come say hello, If you want advices on SimHub, arduino, dashstudio, perfs, troubleshoot ... tips and more, that's where you should go ;)


    Documentation and bug tracker

    You can use any combination of supported parts like :
    • Up to 6 Simple 8 * 7 segments modules
    • Up to 6 TM1638 module : 8 * 7 segments modules and leds (TM1638)
    • Rgb Leds
    • Led matrix gear indicator
    • 7 segment dedicted gear indicator
    • LCD Support
    • Nextion LCD touchscreen
    • And growing !
    Simhub is customisable ! Most of the behaviours and displays can be customized using GUI.

    What ? You did not found what you where looking for ? Still lot of possibilities !
    • Maybe it's already available ! Ask for support I'll be happy to answer you !
    • You can create new data using simple furmula engine, maybe you were just missing tires temp in Fahrenheit ... You can add it by yourself !
    • Still not enough ! A C# Plugin SDK is available for extensibility. SimHub gives you game data, use it for what you want ! Starting your coffee machine when you're going through your 15th lap should be possible !
      Although I think that it's already possible in some ways :D
    Want to go fast and have a nice dash ?
    Maybe you could 3d print it ! Go to my thingiverse page, you could find what you're looking for http://www.thingiverse.com/Wotever/designs

    Compatible Hardware list

    ARDUINO : any arduino atmega328p or more powerul (UNO, nano V3, MEGA),
    Known as not compatible : arduino 101, arduino leonardo, or any ATMega168 based arduino.


    Nextion touchscreens (Up to 5, Simhub is bundled with 2.8 and 4.3" templates, custom templates can be user made)
    Push buttons, up to 8

    TM1638 Modules, up to 6 modules

    MAX7219 / MAX7221 7 Segment modules, up to 6 modules


    LED 4-Digit Display, TM1637 module

    MAX7219 / MAX7221 Led Matrix module, dedicated gear indicator


    WS2812b RGBLEDS

    WS2801 RGBLEDS
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    74HC595 Shift register, DIY one 7seg module for gear indicator

    See "74HC595 EXTERNAL GEAR INDICATOR SCHEMATICS" inside package. DIY hardware is at your own responsability.

    I2C Serial 3.2" LCD 2004, 20x4 (Since 1.9.0)

    Warning, this LCD comes with various chip even from DX, please take into consideration that SimHub may not support it out of box, see FAQ for additional troubleshooting

    • MY 20x4 I2C LCD DOES NOT WORK !
    Well you've tried the LCD adventure,
    Try replacing the I2C lcd library (delete the old LiquidCrystal_I2C folder from arduino) and try this one :

    https://github.com/marcoschwartz/LiquidCrystal_I2C or this one https://codeload.github.com/marcoschwartz/LiquidCrystal_I2C/zip/master

    Also trying this 0x27 address instead of the 0x3f address should help

    Have Fun !

    Here a simple HowTo made by amstudio :

Recent Reviews

  1. tytus77
    Version: 5.2.5 beta 6
    perfect :)
  2. uaeahmed555
    Version: 5.2.4
    Hello this does not work with me
    Try more on time than no use
    Try more about the same problem game does not work
  3. birle1
    Version: 5.2.4
    fantastic job. easy making it work.
  4. jedujakopan
    Version: 5.2.4
  5. zippoi
    Version: 5.2.4
    This is awsome, I love DIY projects and this gives me the perfect platform to do some cool sim stuff. Thanks!!
  6. Justinho05
    Version: 5.2.3
    PERFECT! Works fine on second screen.

    But I miss some informations about tyre wear or DRS/ERS and falgs. Will you add things like that?
    1. Wotever
      Author's Response
      It's a massive work but yes I try to add them progressively, in the wait do not forget to check "advanced" when you pick a property, if the game have the data you will be able to find it ;)
  7. Agamaster
    Version: 5.2.1
    How do you send the licenses? The arduino Atmega168p Ch340 works? I will give you some money from my paypal, but i don't know how you will give-me the license...
  8. Alexandre Lopes
    Alexandre Lopes
    Version: 5.2.1
    Simple, and works great! Congratulations to everyone involved in the project. Great hug from Brazil.
  9. Bart_B
    Version: 5.2.0
  10. Mankiewicz
    Version: 5.1.9
    Not only one of the best dash you can get, but the coolest one
  11. Lee_Aus
    Version: 5.1.8
    Still excellent...!
  12. Lee_Aus
    Version: 5.1.7
    More awesome than a monkey wearing a tuxedo made of bacon riding a cyborg unicorn!!!! Lee_AUS
  13. haggis68
    Version: 5.1.7
    Great and easy to use product.. This is the only dash you will ever need. Fantastic
  14. Andyd358
    Version: 5.1.6
    Found this a few weeks back and I am totally enthralled with it. The support given by the developer both on a dedicated discord channel and also on the forum is second to none. And I mean second to none. "wotever" the developer goes the extra mile (ok Kilometer he is french after all). I have never seen someone put so much effort into one of these projects. He help and calm guidance to many people who frequent the discord channel is amazing. Especially when he doing all this in his own time.

    It has brought a whole new level to my sim racing experience. With his help I have manged somewhat ham fistedly to build myself what I consider a pretty decent home dashboard.

    Just be aware that this is addictive and you may end up spending a few £'s in buying arduinos and LEDs, Tachos and even a small hdmi monitor.

    Another thing to mention is the Discord channel that is rapidly turning into a very friendly little community. If you have not joined please do the link is in the forum.
  15. BuToNz
    Version: 5.1.6
    Been here since the start - always amazing. Hands down the best Sim Racing companion app, the possibilities are endless!
  16. philm
    Version: 5.1.5
    Greaaat !!! thank you ! Is it possible to use two LCD monitors, second monitor and third monitor, with two instances of SimHub? Thank you !!!
    1. Wotever
      Author's Response
      Are you talking about running Arduino LCD or Dashstudio LCD ?
  17. Lee_Aus
    Version: 5.1.5
    Incredibly versatile and surprisingly easy to configure, with excellent support and regular updates! 10/10
  18. el chasco
    el chasco
    Version: 5.1.5
    It works, but is unusable with the low refresh rate, and I don't want to pay.

    Only this little issue.
    1. Wotever
      Author's Response
      I understand, I have to keep some bonus to donators, what limit would you think to be fair ? I'm always open to suggestions. Also donations starts from 0.01€ from what paypal takes everything and leaves 0.00€ .I've sent licences to everybody no matter the amount donated.
  19. J. Piñeiro
    J. Piñeiro
    Version: 5.1.1
    Simply imperative :)
  20. J. Piñeiro
    J. Piñeiro
    Version: 5.0.2
    Every day you get over it.

    I have found a bug in the input mapping, or so it seems.

    I use the dash on a second monitor and when I enter in the input mapping a button to change the screen works fine only in the option of "GraphicalDashPluing.NexScreen", doing the same for "GraphicalDashPluing.PreviousScreen" does not work when I press the button selected.

    I do not know if it is a bug or some incompatibility of some kind but selecting that option ("GraphicalDashPluing.PreviousScreen") I can not make it work.
    1. Wotever
      Author's Response
      I fixed it ;) Thanks for the feedback !
  21. blu3sm4n
    Version: 4.2.4
    Perfect software!
  22. David Meek
    David Meek
    Version: 4.2.4
    This software is excellent. If you love a little electronics project and want great software for it this is what you need!
  23. drnrd
    Version: 4.2.4
  24. J. Piñeiro
    J. Piñeiro
    Version: 4.2.2
    amazing man

    You are really my hero at this rate there will be no other dashboard at your level just incredible
  25. Roger1fr
    Version: 4.2.0
    Simply the best program to date (and certainly for long). 100% customizable, easy to use and works wonderfully.
    A big thank you Wotever.
    For my part, is missing only RBR; _)

    Tout simplement le meilleur programme à ce jour (et certainement pour longtemps). 100% personnalisable, facile d'emploi et fonctionne à merveille.
    un grand merci Wotever.
    Pour ma part, ne manque que RBR ;_)
  26. J. Piñeiro
    J. Piñeiro
    Version: 4.2.0
    My Little Contribution Sent
  27. Rizzoerizo
    Version: 4.1.1
    The best for simracers. thx man.
  28. ao1977
    Version: 4.1.1
    I've tried several smartphone apps (and paid money for at least one) but never found a solution that was so much satisfying plus works out of the box as SimHub.

    Thank you for your work!

    (This needs a donation button. Seriously.)
  29. Buka2Esp
    Version: 4.1.1
    Just perfect
  30. Vojvoda
    Version: 4.1.0
    Amazing app! Make your DIY display in 3 steps!!!