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SimHub, DIY Sim racing Dash 6.3.5

On screen,phone,tablet, seven segments, leds or embedded LCD, let your creativity decide!

  1. Wotever
    SimHub is a modular multi sim dashboard,
    You can compose your very own dash !

    DashStudio is now compatible with your favourite tablet, phone, or USBD480 screen (Z1, G force LCD ..)

    [​IMG] Follow all the Simhub news on facebook
    [​IMG] Documentation and bug tracker

    [​IMG] SimHub Discord server, seek for help or just talk it's here !
    [​IMG] RaceDepartment support forum



    You can find an amazing dash pack made by the Dash Studio Addict @David Meek here : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/dashboard-creations-for-simhub.15590/

    This collection of overlays really deserves you to take a look :

    A large variety of supported games :
    Sims :

    Assetto Corsa,IRacing,ProjectCars/ProjectCars2,Codemasters games (Dirt 4, Dirt 2,Dirt 3, Dirt Rally, F1 20XX),Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck simultator,RRE, Rfactor1, Automobilista (using Rfactor1 plugin),Rfactor2, LFS, RBR, GTR1, GT Legends, GTR2 / Race, Race07

    Other games :
    Trackmania, War thunder, CSGO, Dota 2, OMSI 2

    * Some games have missing data and does not provide full SimHub features.

    I do not give support for non legit game copies.

    Thanks to @The Iron Wolf for it's amazing job on RF2 plugin : https://github.com/TheIronWolfModding/rF2SharedMemoryMapPlugin

    Thanks to nlhans and funbit for ETS2/ATS plugin : https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server / https://github.com/nlhans/ets2-sdk-plugin

    Thanks to Dan Allongo for RF1 plugin : https://github.com/dallongo/rFactorSharedMemoryMap

    You can use any combination of supported parts like :
    • Up to 6 Simple 8 * 7 segments modules
    • Up to 6 TM1638 module : 8 * 7 segments modules and leds (TM1638)
    • Rgb Leds
    • Led matrix gear indicator
    • 7 segment dedicted gear indicator
    • LCD Support
    • Nextion LCD touchscreen
    • And growing !
    Simhub is customisable ! Most of the behaviours and displays can be customized using GUI.

    What ? You did not found what you where looking for ? Still lot of possibilities !
    • Maybe it's already available ! Ask for support I'll be happy to answer you !
    • You can create new data using simple furmula engine, maybe you were just missing tires temp in Fahrenheit ... You can add it by yourself !
    • Still not enough ! A C# Plugin SDK is available for extensibility. SimHub gives you game data, use it for what you want ! Starting your coffee machine when you're going through your 15th lap should be possible !
      Although I think that it's already possible in some ways :D
    Want to go fast and have a nice dash ?
    Maybe you could 3d print it ! Go to my thingiverse page, you could find what you're looking for http://www.thingiverse.com/Wotever/designs

    Compatible Hardware list

    ARDUINO : any arduino atmega328p or more powerul (UNO, nano V3, MEGA),
    Known as not compatible : arduino 101, arduino leonardo, or any ATMega168 based arduino.


    Nextion touchscreens (Up to 5, Simhub is bundled with 2.8 and 4.3" templates, custom templates can be user made)
    Push buttons, up to 8

    TM1638 Modules, up to 6 modules

    MAX7219 / MAX7221 7 Segment modules, up to 6 modules


    LED 4-Digit Display, TM1637 module

    MAX7219 / MAX7221 Led Matrix module, dedicated gear indicator


    WS2812b RGBLEDS

    WS2801 RGBLEDS
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    After market Boost Gauge


    74HC595 Shift register, DIY one 7seg module for gear indicator

    See "74HC595 EXTERNAL GEAR INDICATOR SCHEMATICS" inside package. DIY hardware is at your own responsability.

    I2C Serial 3.2" LCD 2004, 20x4 (Since 1.9.0)

    Warning, this LCD comes with various chip even from DX, please take into consideration that SimHub may not support it out of box, see FAQ for additional troubleshooting

    • MY 20x4 I2C LCD DOES NOT WORK !
    Well you've tried the LCD adventure,
    Try replacing the I2C lcd library (delete the old LiquidCrystal_I2C folder from arduino) and try this one :

    https://github.com/marcoschwartz/LiquidCrystal_I2C or this one https://codeload.github.com/marcoschwartz/LiquidCrystal_I2C/zip/master

    Also trying this 0x27 address instead of the 0x3f address should help

    Have Fun !

    Here a simple HowTo made by amstudio :
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Recent Reviews

  1. philm
    Version: 6.3.5
    It's getting better, but where will it stop?
  2. GarySwallow
    Version: 6.3.4
    Awesome software and really addictive to create with
  3. maikerukun
    Version: 6.3.3
    I can't believe I didn't know about this before. Truly one of the best thing ever released on sim community. Excellent!
  4. Dajonaga
    Version: 6.3.3
    Excellent, just excellent. Keep it up!
  5. Organizer
    Version: 6.3.3
    Fast and supportive author and community! Absolutely the best app to enhance your simulator environment, a game changer. Worth paying to support even though it is offered free.
  6. BC23
    Version: 6.3.3
    ShakeIt is really good !
  7. manc0ntr0
    Version: 6.3.1 Hotfix
    Best dash app ever!
  8. Mylessadadsdsdsdsad
    Version: 6.3.1 Hotfix
    The most expandable piece of sim racing software - amazing!
  9. Dajonaga
    Version: 6.3.1 Hotfix
    Amazing release! Thanks for the quick fix. Have a good one.
  10. GxsieteRay
    Version: 6.3.0
    Thank you Nicolas, nice job man !!!
  11. GxsieteRay
    Version: 6.2.2
    Nice !!!
  12. cai_mkf
    Version: 6.2.2
    Amazing work!
    But I have one question: When can the simhub support the speedometer? I mean the real speed gauge!
  13. Marcel Schreck
    Marcel Schreck
    Version: 6.2.2
    Great software.
    But I have one question: Am I right that I need an arduino micro or leonardo to get buttons to work? I tried it with the nano, but it didn´t work.
    Thanks in advance.
  14. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: 6.2.2
    Since I was ready, I tried it with the unlock version. I mainly use Dash Studio functions, but I felt very interesting as a framework. Although I am using HUD of another author of rF2 this time, I thought that it would be good if this screen would come out for the first time in the running screen of the car. Although my setting may be incomplete.

    rFactor 2 Hud - SimHub 1.2
  15. LuigiV6
    Version: 6.2.2
    Excelent,thanks you
  16. Marek 1
    Marek 1
    Version: 6.1.5
    TM1638 Modules, up to 6 modules I have this modul and version of you software 6.1.5 and I watch this video
    But I cant verify modul because this video is for old version of you software. Can you help me ?
    1. Wotever
      Author's Response
  17. itsyouranmol
    Version: 6.1.5
    Thanks for developing this master piece, you helped me making an incredible Racing rig! Three cheers pal.
  18. RotarySam
    Version: 6.1.5
    I built a steering wheel with a 4.3" LCD screen and RGB LED shift lights which are controlled through Simhub. It is very powerful once you figure it out. Developer support is great and there are constant improvements. In fact, it is easy to lose track of all of the features added because the program is updated so frequently. The added Shakeit integration for my pedal and seat motors was seamless for me, and now I only have to launch one program to control everything. When I first downloaded the program a few months ago, I had the free version and after a few hours I donated 5 euros just to get rid of the nag screen while testing dashes on my little USB monitor. This was before I really knew how vital this software was going to be for me. The steering wheel I built shortly after wouldn't function without it. So, consider how much work goes into this and the options it gives the DIY community and help keep it alive. I, for one, am very thankful for your work.
  19. kimsang
    Version: 6.1.5
    It is a perfect dashboard program.
    And the support channel is great.
    You can expect very fast answers.

    It is my system made with SimHub.
  20. uk-_fubs
    Version: 6.1.3
    Just keeps on getting better, its like a whole side hobby on the side of the racing today put together shakeit config and totally blown away again .