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Damapur 1.0

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Track: Damapur
Length: 17.5 km
Elevation change: 455m
2 layouts: normal and reverse
Circuit mode
30 pits/starts place
Replay camera
Grass FX
The textures are free from the internet and redesign
The track was made in Blender, created by Rod Vion
Grass FX/ csp / online fix by: BV Tzenamo
If you want the tunnel light to work in daylight, set it up like this: (Does not work with Sol_Extra and Default filters)
tunnel ights set.jpg



Latest reviews

realy nice track
Beautiful, fantastic, and fun. Thanks for making such a cool track!
Beautiful! Just Beautyful!
Very nice
Really enjoying it. Only thing I dislike is the light beam of the street lamps.
If you feel the same, add this to the ext.config.ini ;

ACTIVE = 1 ; set to 0 to disable the whole section (default value is 1)
FILE = damapur.kn5 ; name of KN5 to work with (to distinguish between LODs or track KN5s)
HIDE =lamp-fenyv

Hope its ok for the author to post this but they look really awful! :/
Looks good but the driving experience is not as good, track is quite basic and corners all feel the same. Maybe it's just not my type so do not take the rating seriously. Download it and drive .
Really good piece of track, you must have put a lot of effort on this one. So many details.
The beams of the roadlights can be removed, looks like it is foggy, but it isn't. And as other remarked, the gravel on the sides is very, very sticky. I thought I hit the pitlimiter first when I touched it with the wheels. I maybe should be a little slippery, but not so sticky.
It looks awesome!!! Great work
It's a fun fantasy track, I really like the layout. But please remove the sticky glue soft shoulders. Driving onto this dirt feels like catching the cable on an aircraft carrier.
wow. this mod is by far my favorite. love the road en the surroundings. maybe upgrade the waterfall a bit, that is not so great looking. but for the rest, Thank you very much!!!!
Good job Thank you!
What i really appriciate is the fact its finaly a "open road" track which i can use for racing with a full grid of cars. Well done. Will use it with the NFS-Mod cars with fun for sure.
Usually all these tracks are track day only or maybe few pit slots.
Beautuiful scenery. Looks great and drives well, however with some caveats. The Street Lamps need to be fixed due, the edges of the track feel like molasses if you drop a tire, and to be honest, this is more of a drift track than anything else. There' not too many places to stretch the legs and I think slower cars are probably more suited to it as well as drift cars. Looks fabulous though.
Amazing track thank you
Looks beautiful, drives great. Some of the best landscape backrounds yet seen in AC. One minor point, lose the artifial looking light glows form street lamps. Otherwise A++
Beautiful work. Hope to see more from you. Thanks
Fantastic job!! I agree the streetlamp light reflection is a bit odd but it's no biggie. The layout is amazing
Very unique! Great environment. The streetlamp light shaft-thing is kind of odd.

A major Issue for me is the edges of the road - it feels like the pit-limiter is activating anytime you put a wheel over the white lines (it's not). Like there is a thick layer of glue on the side of the road. Kind of makes it undrivable for me, I hope you can change that, because this is a very interesting track!
For high speed drifters, it's a paradise. Well done Rod :-)
Amazing work! This road is incredible to drive.
rod vion
File size
155.2 MB
First release
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User rating
4.65 star(s) 20 ratings

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