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Cupra Leon Competición

Cupra Leon Competición 1.1

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Trained Monkey Modding presents Leon Cupra Competición TCR 2020

What to say, we love FWD racing and while we are still waiting for official TCR mod, you guys can try our take on this beautifull car. Mod is optimized for multiplayer racing as usually, feel free to take it for a spin.

For more info check included ReadMe.pdf file.


Big thanks to SQUIR Team for base 3D model, SHR Modding for sounds, thanks to all consultants, contributors and people who encouraged us and helped with feedback and testing and the whole FULLINRACE Academy racing team for allowing us to gather data from the vehicle and to provide us with valuable feedback. Special thanks to Reboot Team members for support, testing, funny hotlap challenges and a lot of help with CSP features.

Main people involved in this mod:

  • Roman “Fuzo” Fusaty – project management, 3D modeling, file assembling, physics
  • Michal “Weron” Soltes – aero, engine physics, tires tweaking
  • ACFan(SHR Modding) – car sounds
  • RacingtechCZ – skins (real + fictional)
Additional contributors:
  • Pavel Gellner – physics consulting
  • Robert Habinak – aero consulting
  • SQUIR team – base 3D model
  • Petr Cizek (FULLINRACE Academy) – testing and feedback
  • Miroslav “Fear” Varos – beta testing
  • Tomas “Bubu” Bucek – beta testing
  • Juan Caballero - screenshots
For 4K skinpack click here: https://tm-modding.eu/download/cupra-leon-competicion-4k-skinpack/

Latest updates

  1. Update 1.1

    Updates and fixes in version 1.1: • fixed minor issues and typos in aero data • fixed...

Latest reviews

excelente mod
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
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Fantastic quality
Upvote 0
Una pasada, muy buen trabajo!!!! GRACIAS
Upvote 0
Brilliant work
Upvote 0
Loving it!
Upvote 0
Absolutely brilliant!!!
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
Drives great,looks great,fantastic sound.exellent job.
Upvote 0
Brilliant Mod. One of the best mods that I've downloaded.
Upvote 0
The best TCR car for AC at the moment. Thank you!
Upvote 0
This car brought me back to AC after a very long time, just fantastic! Visually, handling and sound-just perfect. Thanks a lot guys!
Upvote 0
Beautiful work guys
Upvote 0
Ba-ba-bad ass!!!
Upvote 0
Drives like a dream
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
great job
Upvote 0
Looks superb, drives and feels like the real one! Great car, thank you!
Upvote 0
It's just SO GOOD. Incredibly fun to drive, looks and feels amazing. Fantastic work, thank you for this!
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File size
92.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.98 star(s) 53 ratings

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