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CrewChief Auto Start

CrewChief Auto Start 1.1.1

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Every noticed that you forgot to start CrewChief right after the green flag drops? Yeah, me too!

So I made this small application that just sits in the corner, waiting for you to start up the sim of your choice, and BOOM, just like magic it will start up CrewChief for you! And when you're done, it will close CrewChief.

I highly recommend that you enable the Run Immediately option in CrewChief (or this application will be pretty useless)

Extract the archive wherever you want and run the .exe. I recommend adding this application to your windows startup.

Open the .xml file in any text editor. Here you can tell the application where you installed CrewChief and add more sims for the application to watch. I only added the ones I play but adding a new one should be pretty straight forward.
The node name does not matter.
To get the process name just fire up your sim and check in task manager.
To get the parameter for your specific sim, you'll have to hunt down the author at www.http://thecrewchief.org/ and ask him, or find it out yourself by trial and error.
Martin Vindis
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Latest updates

  1. Crew Chief Auto Start 1.1.1

    V1.1.1 Sorted out messed up parameters in the xml The new parameters should be E.g "-game RF2"...
  2. Crew Chief Auto Start 1.1

    V1.1 Updated command line parameters to work with Crew Chief Comes with a updated...

Latest reviews

So usefull.Thany you very much.
Great work.
Could you make the same for SLIMax Manager Pro please.
Works great. Thanks!
Perfect. Does what it tells it do. Great work.
Amazing mod love it. I think the only downside to this mod is that you have to change it's config file but to be honest I can't think of another way around the problem. Again amazing mod keep up the fantastic work.

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