ACC Dedicated Server GUI

ACC Dedicated Server GUI

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Here you go guys, the GUI you all deserve.

Found a bug or got an idea or request on how to make it better? Drop a comment in the DISCUSSION section!


TUTORIAL VIDEO (Thanks to @John Oliver for making the video.
(Slightly outdated since ACC 1.5.8. Put the .exe in the "Assetto Corsa Competizione Dedicated Server\server" folder and you're good to go)
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Latest updates

  1. ACC Dedicated Server GUI V1.4.1.4

    Fixed a bug where a scheduled event wouldn't fire off under certain circumstances
  2. ACC Dedicated Server GUI V1.4.1.3

    Changed .NET target version to 4.5 Fixed a bug in the startup sequence Fixed a bug where the GUI...
  3. ACC Dedicated Server GUI V1.4.1.2

    Added Circuit of the Americas to track list Added Indianapolis to track list Added Watkins Glen...

Latest reviews

There is no better tool out there for launching a practice server for your mates within 10 seconds. 10s is really all it takes. And that ignores all of the other usefull features for actual server managment. This app is intuitive, not clustered, easy to use and very stable.

This app is getting better and better with each update. Thanks a lot mate. Also huge shoutout to you for not keeping features behind a paywall like some other server managment tools.
super useful
Thank you so much for the handy tool that takes away all the JSON editting
and Tyre Sets should be outside Pit panel.......
Awesome! Much nicer way to change server settings. Also don't worry that the options on the right are greyed out (they can be changed when you put a server password) as the creator has 'disabled pitstop and driving aid panels, because these settings are ignored by public servers anyway'.

Dedicated server files can be found in steam tools library to download (steam LIBRARY > near top left just below 'home' there's dropdown menu 'GAMES, SOFTWARE' and enable tools, it will now be visible in your games list for download. Install app in the new root folder common\Assetto Corsa Competizione Dedicated Server\server , then watch the tutorial on port forwarding

ps. also if you were wondering like me, the 'hourOfDay' can only be set to the hour, so you can't start a server at for example 5:30pm (this is kunos problem, not the app)
Thanks for implementing what i suggested!
Thanks works great!

For you that are having problems with accserver.exe not found.
Install the server first:
Any chance you can add a track temp slider to be used with fixed qualy weather toggle?
accServer.exe not found
hi, thanks for making this! Any chance you can add the ability to switch between configs (e.g., to practice for two different races in the same week)?
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Just make a copy of the "server" folder (it's only ~5MB), set the new server up and you can easily switch between them or even run multiple servers at the same time.
Paul Glover
Easy to use, much better than editing a .json file to setup a local server for practising.
Hi. The program is great, but when I use it, I don't have a collision during the race, the cars intertwine, do you have a solution? Regards Mariusz
Awesome tool!!!
Great tool nothing to say, however, I would like to know if it is possible to ban players that we do not want to see.
Mate this is absolutely awesome! I find it ironic how Kunos has been trying to make the cars and tracks absolutely perfect but have slacked behind on the server creation side of things - This program will make your day a breeze setting it up is done in 10 minutes. The options are very clear, and well explained. Stellar job bro! Keep up the work <3
Great job thanks
Great UI.. no more editing textfiles ever again. great work!
Good Job
works good, very easy to setup!!!
Excellent !!!

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