1. A

    Is there a way to automatically switch camera angles on the Assetto Corsa Competizione replay screen?

    When replaying a race replay, the camera remains fixed and the replay proceeds unless I operate the camera. It would be nice if it could automatically switch between the multiple camera angles provided by the cockpit view and ACC each time, just like in an actual live race replay... Also, if...
  2. B

    ACC Auto Fuel 1.0

    Race Fuel Calculator With this program you can quickly calculate the fuel you will need for the race. Get the data of the current session in a fast way.
  3. A

    More Realistic Automatic Gearbox 0.1

    More Realistic Automatic Gearbox Does the automatic shifter revving the hell out of the engine annoy you? Well it annoyed me so I made this for cruising. Also has multiple drive modes (like pretty much all automatic cars nowadays..) *Should* work for most semi-automatic road cars Demo Note...
  4. Martin Vindis

    CrewChief Auto Start 1.1.1

    Ever noticed that you forgot to start CrewChief right after the green flag drops? Yeah, me too! So I made this small application that just sits in the corner, waiting for you to start up the sim of your choice, and BOOM, just like magic it will start up CrewChief for you! And when you're done...
  5. garyjpaterson

    Cars 1937 Auto Union Type C (WIP)

    New thread time. Started this some time ago after being inspired to give @mantasisg's Merc W125 a friend. Only able to work on it intermittently, but its been nicely progressing over time and is soon ready to go in-game with the first textures. Model is nearing completion, just missing a...
  6. Morgan Gardner

    SimHub AutoDim Plugin 1.0

    SimHub AutoDim Plugin This plugin enables SimHub to automatically set the RGB leds brightness depending on the current time. The dim and un-dim times can be set (24 hour), as well as the percentage values, in the plugin's settings page (see image above). The plugin has three properties...