Cosworth LMP3 style dash for Nextion

Cosworth LMP3 style dash for Nextion 1.0

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LMP3 style dash for Nextion 3.5" display.
The dash can be configured using SimHub.

There are 3 screens: Idle, P1 and R1.

Here are the available properties:

Idle page
  • Cosworth logo
P1 page
  • Water temp
  • Oil temp
  • Air temp
  • RPM
  • Gear
  • Speed
  • Average fuel usage
  • Fuel usage of the last lap
  • Fuel left
  • Estimated laps
R1 page
  • Water temp
  • Oil temp
  • Race position
  • RPM
  • Gear
  • Speed
  • Last lap time
  • Lap number
  • Remaining time
Oil and water temperatures may not be available with the latest rfactor2 cars.

If you spot anything working incorrectly, please do let me know.



Latest reviews

Hola algun tablero mas para 3.5??
awesome works dude, very nice. can you make others template?
Great work, if you finished for the 4.3 ... pleasee let us know. Manny thanks
very very nice, is it possible you could make this for nextion 4.3 screen?
Thanks! Working on it mate.