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Corvette C6 1.0

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Amazing cars! Physics... oh so good! Thank you
Nice designs, good job with them. Understeer a bit, but I believe that is probably realistic. My fave is the baby one :)
0k Gracias =)
В ZR1 не правильная коробка передач, она там на данный момент как я понял от Z06, но это абсолютно не верно. Я знаю источник с проверенными данными, возьмите их за основу https://www.automobile-catalog.com/make/chevrolet_usa/corvette_c6/corvette_c6_coupe_zr1/2012.html
Very good graphycs ¡¡ Physics are good to, but I think Z06 and ZR1 oversteer too much.
Great car man :)...any chance for a c5 in the future :) ?
very nice
Incredible work. Thank you very much!
A really impeccable work, a marvel of mod. Congratulations to the creator! 10/10
Awesome car and great work! Thanks so much! The Grand Sport feels very similar to my 2012 GS 100th Anny.
Good to have this beast in Assetto Corsa!

But is it just me or this car hates Mugello? Because the game won't load every time I try to load that track with this car.
absolutely stunning car
Very good
perfect! Thank you so much!! :-)
Amazing mod!
Very good and high quality, thx!
How about adding the C6R GT1 ?
Sorry, road cars for me only :)
As good as Kunos work. Great mod with high quality. Thanks a lot.
Thank you for this work. The car models are fantastic and easily merit 5 stars. The physics though do need improvement. These cars oversteer far too easily. They feel like they are set up to be drift cars instead of track focused sports cars.

I have driven the C6 Z06 in real life and can tell you that it does not oversteer at the mere hint of throttle. The thing has tons of grip. Yes, it can break the rear tires loose but you have to push to do it. Currently the Z06 and ZR1 oversteer in a turn at 3000 rpm with part throttle.... definitely unrealistic.

Perhaps the physics guy could look at how the RF2 versions are set up and make some adjustments to camber etc? These cars feel better in RF2 ... although they look better here.

thanks for your work. Please receive my feedback as constructive... I am sure the whole AC community values your effort and I certainly do.