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Corvette C6 1.0

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its not bad but the gearing is off.
merci !!
great mod !
First I want to say Thank you for your time and effort. Don't get me wrong, this mod isn't bad... it's a bit of a handfull
it's just not quite a 5 stars... yet! Looking forward and hoping to see an update for this (finally a C6 !!! Yéééé!!!) I think there's a typo in the u.i. description... the Hp is significantly more than advertised !!! ;-) Again Thank you and keep up the good work !
Excellent and a deffo five-starer for such an early release, but I've commented on the current shifting animation in the support thread. Hopefully this can be addressed for us VR users.
5 stars! Very good mod. Thanks for your work
Excellent mod thank you for releasing this mod was one of my favorites in rFactor. I can't wait for the release of the C6 Z06 Z07.
Ohhhhh Finally!
I waited so long for this, thank you :)
Great car! Really nice job. A little work and it will be right up there with the best.
Many thanks for that beauty!
Awesome job, thank you!
What a great surprise. And it's supposed to be 0.1? You are too modest :)
Top quality. Totally 5 stars. And it's only at 0.1. A must-have.
What an awesome surprise! for being 0.1 it's already a whole lot better than a lot of cheap "finished" mods out there. Excellent model and physics!
Awesome mod well done man :)