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Corvette C6 1.0

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Awesome car and great work! Thanks so much! The Grand Sport feels very similar to my 2012 GS 100th Anny.
nice corvette, waiting for final version, thanks.
Very good
Amazing cars! Physics... oh so good! Thank you
Beautiful mod!!! Looks and drives absolutely fantastic!

I made a review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofQGnkuMHZw
Great mod already while under work.
Very good, thanks
0.1 you are either very modest, or full of surprises for the 1.0 !
In the meantime, it's brilliant, thank you for porting it from RF ! The sound works well IMO. Beers your way
nice update, Kunos Quality, but zr1, IA is very slow, waiting for final version, thanks my friend for this great mod.
Great car man :)...any chance for a c5 in the future :) ?
absolutely stunning car
Thanks! Couple of things I noticed: left mirror has the wrong view on the Z06. Shift animation is funny on the ZR-1 (also mirrors but assume you know)
very nice
Awesome mod well done man :)
It's nice to see you still got effort doing mods (greets from racer )
What an awesome surprise! for being 0.1 it's already a whole lot better than a lot of cheap "finished" mods out there. Excellent model and physics!
Top quality. Totally 5 stars. And it's only at 0.1. A must-have.
What a great surprise. And it's supposed to be 0.1? You are too modest :)