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Clean Satsuma

Clean Satsuma 3.2

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Mod requires Texture Pack Importer Tool to install.

(if you will install version 1.4 or later with UAE you'll get messed up textures)



Also, there's a custom template for Satsuma Steering Wheel Cap mod, inspired by some real photos (To install template put Mods folder to a place where your MSCLoader mods folder is located)
https://www.ne xus mods.com/mysummercar/mods/19

= = = = =
You may want to check out my other mods, which can improve your playing experience:

Better Headlights &
Better Grille

Smiley Replace

= = = = =
In case you have encountered any problems using this mod,
please leave your message in Support section NOT Reviews.

Make sure you did contact me before using my textures in your mod
My permission is necessary if you don't want to get reported

Latest updates

  1. 3.2

    * added textures from recent updates * new look for Interior roof texture
  2. 3.1

    * brought back vanilla oil filter * unnoticeable changes * better reflections on the car body
  3. 3.0

    * updated for the latest experimental version * redone some things

Latest reviews

Great mod But can u tell me where u got those shaders? Thank you!
By FAR one of the best textures on this website!
very good mod
how to install mods?
:( now mi batery is black
excellent mod, took some trouble at first but that was because i accidentally used the wrong texture loader. definitely recommend this to people who are looking for a good way to get a fully stock satsuma. excellent mod.
Super mod! I have a question how do you go back to the original textures using Texture pack Importer tool?
Thank you! I guess you need to go to steam library and verify game files in game's properties either replace altered assets in mysummercar_Data with backup
What is this texture bug?: https://img8.myimg.de/Kpkivgs15d99.png
You've installed the mod with the wrong tool
wheel doest not work=(
Install using the texture pack importer tool was super easy and the satsuma looks absolutely phenomenal

Only complaint I have is that body_rust is a bit messed up around the window trim
how do i inst all it
Very nice texture pack, but i have an problem, the cap on sterring wheel isn't showing and i don't know what to do
You need to install the cap mod first, and then you either find the cap or spawn it to a specific place
how to put the texture in
Car came out looking like **** for me. Had a **** zebra look and none of the parts came clean.
Does exactly what it's supposed to unless you do something wrong
Satsuma looks so clean inside and out. Also thanks for the other suggested mods, really makes the Satsuma whole.
It's working. Thx u. It's so beautiful
Looks great in UAE previews but how do I use Texture Pack Importer Tool cant seem to find any good tutorial
Only problem im seeing, i don't know if this is mine or not, but the headgasket does not change in form from being blown to new, other than that, pretty nice job!
Please can you share us or make a preset? Many thanks, Glien. :)
File size
29.7 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.38 star(s) 56 ratings

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