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Clean Satsuma 1.5

Removes rust from most of the car components

  1. Glien

    Mod requires Texture Pack Importer Tool (mod page) to install.

    (if you will install version 1.4 or later with UAE you'll get messed up textures)
    In case you have encountered any problems using this mod, please leave your message in Support section NOT Reviews.

    Update 1.5:

    * updated for the latest experimental version
    + added my other mods in this package such as "New Stock Steering Wheel" and "Subwoofer Panel"

    Update 1.4-1.4.3U:

    * reworked for easier installation via TPIT
    + includes texture of new battery
    + minor changes

    + new suspension kit

    + oil filter

    + seatbelt lock

    * fixed problem with renamed "motorparts_atlas"
    + custom spare oil filter texture
    + custom rally suspension texture
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Update 1.3:
    + clear windows
    + smoother reflections of all shiny details
    (racing radiator, racing exhaust, etc.)
    + nitrous injection system and N2O tank now uses the same texture as the racing muffler (some parts of the N2O injection system has muffler's texture (red) and other ones has tank's (blue). I don't want to leave half of the part colored and other one not)
    (If you want me to make them colored again, please let me know)
    + some minor changes

    Update 1.2+:
    + texture of racing carburetors
    + overall update with less compressed textures.
    + clean moped speedometer
    + decolorized race exhaust

    Update 1.1:
    + clean car bottom

    Preview screenshots:

    UAE installation method (just for you to know):
    1. I highly recommend you to watch following video if you not aware of basics of texture swapping (UAE v1.5 download page)
    2. As you may already know, you need specific folder that located in the same folder as UAE does. Then if you don't have this folder, you need to create sharedassets1 folder (it's must be named same as the file you editing).
    3. After creating a folder you need to put all downloaded files inside.
    4. Open UAE, open sharedassets1.assets and search for textures to replace via search bar and replace them with textures you downloaded using Import This File from DDS.
    5. Click Save as Assets-file, select file you were editing (sharedassets1) and replace the file
    6. Done

    Make sure you did contact me before using my textures in your mod
    My permission is necessary if you don't want to get reported

Recent Reviews

  1. queijor1234
    Version: 1.5
    just released a new beta msc, some things are bugged
  2. Mezolystic
    Version: 1.5
    Best Satsuma restoration mod out there. Do you plan on updating it?
  3. TexanForLife
    Version: 1.5
    The Satsuma looks much better now. Excellent job.
  4. h3llo
    Version: 1.5
    My favourite Satsuma skin on the whole site, easy to install and it looks great. Thanks for your great work on this.
  5. Zacmine6
    Version: 1.4.3U
    i love this mod i wanted a rust free mod i haven't made a mod yet but i might soon but the pictures will probably have this mod in it do you mind if i do that
    1. Glien
      Author's Response
      No, I don’t mind. Glad to hear you enjoy my mod, thank you.
  6. SmaszeQ.
    Version: 1.4.3U
    Great work!
  7. Pardal2224
    Version: 1.4.1
    nice mod
  8. Danews1kQG
    Version: 1.4q
    pls flip textures
  9. Exomilav
    Version: 1.4q
    Worked well before 1.4q, for me, the engine texture screwed up, so it might happen to you :/
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