1. Glien

    Better Headlights 1.0a

    Install with TPIT Comparison screenshots:
  2. Glien

    Better Grille 1.0

    Install with TPIT Comparison with the real one:
  3. LoneFurore

    Cleaner Ruscko 2.0

    This mod cleans up the textures of the Ruscko to make it look like less of a wreck. Please don't reupload this. Installation: 1. Download Unity Assets Explorer ( /s/2qorsfd50ixvn6o/UnityAssetsExplorer.exe) 2. Copy the two folders 'shaderassets1' and...
  4. Glien

    Clean Ruscko 1.1

    Mod requires Texture Pack Importer Tool (mod page) to install Also, for the same look as on the screenshots below, you need to install my other mod Clean Satsuma (mod page) because as you may know Ruscko uses some Satsuma's textures Update 1.1: + fabric and leather parts of the interior
  5. Glien

    Clean Satsuma 3.1

    Mod requires Texture Pack Importer Tool to install. (if you will install version 1.4 or later with UAE you'll get messed up textures) Also, there's a custom template for Satsuma Steering Wheel Cap mod, inspired by some real photos (To install template put Mods folder to a place...
  6. Glien

    Subwoofer Panel 1.0

    I'm kinda wonder why still nobody changed appearence of this ugly wooden board, but here it is now. UAE required for install. Texture to replace can be found in sharedassets1
  7. Glien

    New Stock Steering Wheel 1.0

    Before After Instal with Unity Assets Explorer Texture to replace can be found in sharedassets1
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