1. D

    Satsuma Restoration Project (BROKEN) 1.0

    This save was inspired by Sparkz 25. I might update this later. Might be buggy Good luck, have fun.
  2. bode1976

    my summer car gt satsuma save file v1

    comes with gt satsuma van and ruscko
  3. Stazorro1

    Ruscko Restoration mod pack 1.0

    You can download a zip file with the mods in this mod, just try them :)
  4. Ruscko

    Too Fast And Full Gt Satsuma V0.2

    Suitcase Gt Satsuma Unlocked All Cars 227 km Satsuma installing tutorial:
  5. Jdavisss

    [Tires] Ruscko New Whitewall Tires 1.0

  6. P

    My Summer Ruscko (reupload) 2019-03-13

    First of all, I'm sorry for just reuploading people's mods. So i will no longer include them in the save file, they will be linked later in this post. It's evening and as you're going to the toilet you think to yourself:"I need my own car." But your parents have sold the Datsun (optional) and...
  7. hicky

    New Ruscko Drag 2.5

    This mod he will change the famous old rusko into a toltally different car than we totally knew a drag car. the mod is in development any bug so inform in the comments below. INSTALL: Put New Ruscko Drag.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\ then run New Ruscko...
  8. sBanana

    Ruscko Repair 1.2

    A mod that includes: -Rust removal -Texture Replacement -Ruscko wheel replacement -Ruscko grille and bumper replacement -Removal of wasp nest (for aesthetics, wasps are still present) Leave suggestions in the comments :)
  9. niccotaglia

    Ruscko gear suggestion (Read description) 03-12-17

    THIS MOD IS MEANT TO BE INSTALLED WITH CHROME'S TEXTURE IMPORTER! Read this if you don't know what this mod is Back when tachometers weren't commonly used in cars, to let drivers know when to shift, there were indicators on the speedometer telling the driver what gear they should be using. This...
  10. LoneFurore

    Cleaner Ruscko 2.0

    This mod cleans up the textures of the Ruscko to make it look like less of a wreck. Please don't reupload this. Installation: 1. Download Unity Assets Explorer ( /s/2qorsfd50ixvn6o/UnityAssetsExplorer.exe) 2. Copy the two folders 'shaderassets1' and...
  11. S

    My Summer Textures 2017-10-20

    I have been playing experimental for a while so there is a handmade Ruscko texture and Ferndale Texture, a realistic Jonnez scooter skin and Awesome Van texture that were borrowed from other RaceDepartment sources. I have already posted my SharedAssets1 so if you are interested than check out my...
  12. Glien

    Clean Ruscko 1.1

    Mod requires Texture Pack Importer Tool (mod page) to install Also, for the same look as on the screenshots below, you need to install my other mod Clean Satsuma (mod page) because as you may know Ruscko uses some Satsuma's textures Update 1.1: + fabric and leather parts of the interior
  13. G

    Ruscko Rust Free (Original paint scheme) 1.0

    Here's the Ruscko without rust, following the original paint scheme. I tried also fixing the interior leather, but it looks... bland. Idk, I'll try to improve it some time. I half-assed did everything halfway through the "rust-free" procedure. Car still look pretty bright. I'll try toning down...
  14. Glien

    Clean Satsuma 3.2

    Mod requires Texture Pack Importer Tool to install. (if you will install version 1.4 or later with UAE you'll get messed up textures) Also, there's a custom template for Satsuma Steering Wheel Cap mod, inspired by some real photos (To install template put Mods folder to a place...