the ultime proto rallye car from 60s and 70s

    Hi pilots

    I propose a new car for ASSETTO CORSA, created by J3D MODDING. The model is 100% from scratch.
    This is the CITROEN DS 21 PROTO RALLY, a french model unknown to the general public,
    but has left its mark in the world of rally in the 60s and 70s.

    The car is deliberately designed to roll on special or hill climbs (land, snow, asphalt).
    The characteristics of this model:

    - Manufacturer: CITROEN
    - Model: DS 21 prepared
    - Weight: 850 kg
    - Engine: 2175 cm3 / 4 cylinders / dual carburetor corp weber
    - Power: 150 Horses
    - Maximum speed: 130 km / h
    - Torque: 17.7 Nm
    - Reports: 4 / manual transmission
    - Fuel capacity: 100 liters

    I hope you like my work done.
    Thank you for your any comments or suggestions.
    I'm always listening to evolve my cars.


    After winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1959 and 1966
    Citroen DS 21 encounter serious competitors such as Renault R8 Gordini. But Citroën makes no changes to the DS 21. This is Bob Neyret, semi-professional driver, who takes the initiative to make, with Chalmette garage, a prototype based on a DS 21. Shortened by 60 cm, lightened by more than 500 kg with an engine preparation 150 horsepower, it will be a monster for the time ! From 1966 to 1972, the car will win many victories in rallies in Europe and Africa. There are several prototypes of the Citroen DS21 PROTO RALLY, here's version J3DMODDING.



Recent Reviews

  1. Ziem
    Version: 1.0
    Good stuff! Tx!
  2. huguess
    Version: 1.1
    wonderfull ! thks !
  3. yfm7777
    Version: 1.1
    Looked a bit derpy, but, It's still a Citroen DS, the most innovative car.....ever. Thank you so much for putting this beauty in AC.
  4. Edouard 25
    Edouard 25
    Version: 1.1
    1. J3D MODDING
      Author's Response
      arf! renseigne toi avant de débiter des conneries !!! Il s'agit d'un prototype que Robert Neyret avait fait. Le descriptif est avec la voiture dans le jeu, faut-il savoir lire...

      read before you talk **** ! This is a prototype that Bob Neyret create in 1968. The specification is with the car in the game , but you must be able to read ...
  5. thewarmer
    Version: 2016-07-31
    Another fun drive from a French mark . lots of body roll . find the gears a little short cars always seems hitting the rev limiter . but with no way to alter the ratios & final drive its a little limited for tracks the require longer legs speed wise . for Rally cross its good for some good close battles with cars from the same eras like the Fiat Abarths or the Renault Gordini & Alpine & Peugeot 504 TN Sport cars . but the car is blast a Classic car design in its original form never mind as rally & race car . nice work look forwards to further versions. thanks.
    1. J3D MODDING
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for your review ! Stay connect for update and the next cars projects !
  6. Lily Starfox
    Lily Starfox
    Version: 2016-07-31
    5 étoiles parce que t'es Français... XD
    Parce que la voiture.. Ahem... lol
    Disons que j’espère que tu amélioreras le modèle 3D. lol
    (comme ta 4L lol)
    L'intérieur en particulier est à des années-lumière de la vraie DS.
    Je ne sais pas si la physique est réaliste, mais en tout cas elle est assez agréable, j'ai essayé sur Trento-Bondone.
    Dommage que cette voiture n'ait que 4 vitesses!
    1. J3D MODDING
      Author's Response
      salut et merci pour tes 5 étoiles ^^
      J'ai eu du mal a trouvé des infos sur ce modèle rare, les différents proto existants ont souvent été remis au gout du jour avec l’électronique.. j'ai fait des compromis. J'ai eu quelques photos du proto de l'atelier 521 retapé en 2011, dans le magazine gazoline. Pas facile de trouver les infos sur le net ^^
  7. SteffenLS
    Version: 2016-07-31
    Many thanks - wonderful car! :)
    1. J3D MODDING
      Author's Response
      cool ! thanks so much !
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