1. Gasklep

    Citroen 2CV UK Club class 1.3

    The Citroën 2CV (French: "deux chevaux" i.e. "deux chevaux-vapeur" (lit. "two steam horses", "two tax horsepower") is an air-cooled front-engine, front-wheel-drive economy car introduced at the 1948 Paris Mondial de l'Automobile and manufactured by Citroën for model years 1948–1990. And many...
  2. Citroen C3 R5 | Richard Burns Rally | Biskupice

    Citroen C3 R5 | Richard Burns Rally | Biskupice

    Probably one of my favourite ever rbr stages in one of my current favourite cars!
  3. x0t

    Citroën C15 D 0.9

    Donations appreciated ❤ ⇧ -CSP NEEDED- -YOU NEED A (free) RACEDEPARTMENT ACCOUNT TO ACCESS THE DOWNLOAD LINK- Featuring : Scratch made physics, sounds, model and textures. This is a mashup of what made the C15 what it is. I kept the mono-branch steering wheel from the pre-facelift but the...
  4. Mikis94

    Citroen Saxo VTS Gran Turismo 2 Skinpack 1.0

    Colors are based on Gran Turismo 2 ------------------------------------- Pack includes all colors: - Polar White - Quartz Metallic - Black - Venetian Red - Persian Red - Amazon Green - Poseidon Blue Metallic - Mauritius Blue Pearlescent --------------------------------------- Enjoy :)
  5. JFran34

    Citroen AX F2000 | Desguaces La Torre 1.3

    Skin for the Citroen AX F2000 from Desguaces La Torre (main sponsor). Based on the 1993 Citroën AX Proto that was Spanish Rally Champion. There is also a white skin (created by VRG Jordi Angel) for those who want to make their own skin.
  6. Chottue

    das superbaus (group s) - Citroën BX 1

    This is a Citroën BX livery for das superbaus (group s). Couldn't paint wheels golden as I wanted to but I think it still looks decent! Thank you so much Toucan for taking some pictures for me! :inlove: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group s\das superbaus
  7. G

    NEW Citroën C3 Rally2 SIMHUB Dashboard

    Download link:
  8. ChaosF1

    (My team) Fictional Total Citroen F1 Team (Modular Mod base required) 1.0

    Presenting the Total Citroen F1 Team This mod is complete modular based to avoid any problems with future updates of the game. Make sure to download Maian's Modular mod base as it is required for this mod Also highly recommend downloading Scottties blank emblem mod Any issues please let me...
  9. Arno10

    Citroën Saxo S1600 v1.0

    Hi guys, Warning : car without visible windows, i tried to solve the problem without success but if you manage to ignore this detail then you will find an obvious pleasure in driving this little Saxo "slightly" supercharged and very nervous. Give this car a chance and try it ;) Car link in read...
  10. Arno10

    Citroën Xsara Kit-Car #01 Sébastien Loeb Morzine 2001 v1.1

    Hi guys, Here is the livery of the Citroën Xsara Kit-Car #01 driven by Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena during Rallye du Mont-Blanc, Morzine 2001. Car link in read me file. I highly recommend to use the great work "data replacement" made by @TheRaptor103 ...
  11. TOP FIVE Car / Track Combos for springtime in VR - Assetto Corsa - 4K Ultra Quality - JUST 2 LAPS VR

    TOP FIVE Car / Track Combos for springtime in VR - Assetto Corsa - 4K Ultra Quality - JUST 2 LAPS VR

  12. Assetto Corsa Rally | Citroën Xsara T4 WRC | SS Muracciole Vezzani

    Assetto Corsa Rally | Citroën Xsara T4 WRC | SS Muracciole Vezzani

    In this video I'm testing out the brand new Citroën Xsara T4 WRC on the Muracciole Vezzani stage.
  13. TheRaptor103

    Citroën Xsara VTS Kit Car - Data Replacement 1.0

    This is a data replacement for the Citroën Xsara VTS Kit Car, which I believe was originally made by Assetto Garage and then updated by lynxkenny (link in the download). This is a very small mod compared to the previous ones I've done. Only the engine & transmission were incorrect, everything...
  14. Arno10

    Citroën Xsara Kit-Car #16 Bugalski #17 Puras - Tour de Corse '99 v1.1

    Hi guys, 1999, French Rally at Tour de Corse , Citroën wins and places two cars on the podium with the Xsara Kit-Car #16 driven by Philppe Bugalski & Jean-Paul Chiaroni and on the second place the car #17 driven by Jesús Puras & Marc Marti, the Spanish crew. On third place, "El matador" the...
  15. Feralo14

    Citroen C1 - AI fix 1.0

    Here is a little fix for the Citroen C1. AI was'nt even able to start a race so here is a little fix. Erase the old file.
  16. morningsnagou56

    citroen ds21 logic board 1.1

    A completly original and simple pcb livery of the citroen ds21, it occupies the slot of the first livery(blue) seems to work online, i do not own anything of it nor am i responsibble for its usse.
  17. juanabolche

    Citroen Xsara 2005 WRC - Sébastien Loeb 1.0

    Hi there. I share the skin of the Citroen Xsara WRC 2005, used by Sébastien Loeb. It is a skin for the Assetto Rally RallyCross. You can download the car here: Citroen Xsara Rally Cross
  18. Z

    Citroën C3 R5 | Pepe López - Borja Rozada | Rally Princesa de Asturias 2020 1.0

  19. Milouz

    Skin 2cv from bond 007 movie 1.0

    Fun mod :geek: Follow this path to install X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content \cars\citroen2cv_70_race\skins you can find the link in this video, not mine
  20. XG-PRO

    Citroen C3 R5 BRS Waifu skin for Dirt Rally 2.0 1.0

    1. Credit Made by XG-PRO Do NOT redistribute any of the textures without permission or proper credits. 2. Info Hello, I just made a skin for the Citroen C3 R5 car in Dirt Rally 2.0, featuring Black Rock Shooter! The skin can be installed either on the first or the second livery of the car, but...