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ARC MF16 V.1.0


    this is a historical prototype of the 70s that marked the history of motor sport in France ! :thumbsup:

    In FRANCE, following the oil crisis of 1973, the Prime Minister of the time strictly prohibited all car competitions at the beginning of 1974.
    Motor sport suffers and many players disappear. It is in this context that the magazine "√Čchappement" advances the project of a reduced-price cut reserved for small manufacturers (ARC INDUSTRIE, MARCADIER, GERI, MERLIN ...) Mechanics are imposed for fairness, and chassis and bodywork are free for the show. This championship will be the catalyst that will allow the hatching of the new Economic Formula: "La Coupe de l'Avenir". "La Coupe de l'Avenir" will last from 1975 to 1990, allowing small builders to make themselves known as well as many drivers ! Michel Faure, the designer of ARC INDUSTRIE, will build 86 prototypes, a majority of which will win the cup for several years. The model ARC MF 16 was the car used in 1988 and 1989. Its engine is a flat 4 flat of 1.500cc from Alfa Romeo. The driver Didier Blanc won the championship of "La Coupe de l'Avenir" in 1988 and the driver Michel Debernard won the championship of "La Coupe de l'Avenir" in 1989 with !

    It's up to you to relive this era with this 70's prototype

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    NOTE :
    - more than 6 months of work to start this project from hand drawn plan in collaboration with Michel Faure himself (ARC INDUSTRIE)
    - the sound bank asked a long work to find the sounds of origins, very difficult to find now
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Recent Reviews

  1. chambax_ar
    Version: V.1.0
    car handling was like this for real? so easy to use car, i love it.
  2. Vlad-the-Impaler
    Version: V.1.0
    Super work - great fun and it feels nice to drive at a speed that doesn't dent your eyeballs! Was the bodywork on these fibreglass or metal?
    Thanks for your efforts - much appreciated.
  3. Karmanin
    Version: V.1.0
    Excellent Work! Nice to find old piece of car's history in a Sim Racing game
  4. cinephobic
    Version: V.1.0
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