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Circuit Mas du Clos

Circuit Mas du Clos Circuit Mas du Clos 1.3

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Very promising.
Thank you and keep up the good work
Really nice. Looking forward to updates to the mesh as the ffb is a bit on the numb side. Graphically it's quite impressive but some extra track side objects and sponsors would be a nice touch to give it that race day look & feel.

Two thumbs up mate.
Beatiful track, very well done. Glad you will be working on it further, looks that another AAA track mod is coming.
I just would like to suggest to add more pitboxes. I think 22-24 is a good number, but you know it's your track.
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
Thanks for the review. I will certainly look at adding more. It's just a space issue in the pit lane. But I'll see what I can do
is WIP!! very nice for the futur great!!!
i live there so i have to download it and try it :D
Great job, thanks a lot!
WIP but very good for now, and a trick layout. That'll be a great track one day :)
Great work, cool old track.....looking forward to updates that makes it better and better.....thanks a lot!
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
Thankyou for the kind words, working on the physics mesh as we speak. gonna try and work some nice bumps on the straights first