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Circuit Mas du Clos

Circuit Mas du Clos Circuit Mas du Clos 1.3

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Beautiful work, merci beaucoup !
great track!
un très beau circuit technique je le recommande.Très beau travail.
excellent and thrilling
Awesom work! Thanks!
Très beau circuit, très fun, du beau travail, merci :D
A great track, very fun to drive on. No issues whatsoever. Thanks!
Excellent;thank you very much.
In my opinion, this track doesn't need a night config because the real circuit doesn't have floodlights or lampposts...A good suggestion would be to update the full circuit drift map to reflect the other two usable lanes tho.
A classic tracl ! Great job, thank you !
Thanks for the fantastic track! Can't believe I haven't downloaded this sooner.

So satisfying to string good laps together here! Easy to learn but still very challenging to go consistently quick on. The final corner is really tricky and it's easy to lose half a second or more in that corner alone.

Graphically beautiful and seemingly well optimised. I've been playing against 10 ai in VR and haven't seen a frame drop yet!

I made a video from a 6 lap race replay, so you can see what you're missing out on if, like me, you hadn't tried this track before.

Very very big thanks from a guy who drive on this track irl long ago
Thank you! beautifully made
Nice track, thanks for updating it !
One of my favourite track, simple, sober and so goddam fun. Thank you so much.
fenomenal fun, great details