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Circuit Mas du Clos

Circuit Mas du Clos Circuit Mas du Clos 1.3

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Thanks for the fantastic track! Can't believe I haven't downloaded this sooner.

So satisfying to string good laps together here! Easy to learn but still very challenging to go consistently quick on. The final corner is really tricky and it's easy to lose half a second or more in that corner alone.

Graphically beautiful and seemingly well optimised. I've been playing against 10 ai in VR and haven't seen a frame drop yet!

I made a video from a 6 lap race replay, so you can see what you're missing out on if, like me, you hadn't tried this track before.

Wow, It's a must for lovers of intense emotions !!
Thank you !!
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
(this is regarding version 0.7)

Thanks for the track, it's nicely done!

The pit lane doesn't behave like it normally does in AC. Collisions are no avoided, speed limit is not enforced and also it is not reported that a car is in the pit lane. That's sometimes a bit unfortunate in MP.
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
ill look into this, sorry i have not tested at all online, also only tested with a 5 lap race against ai. ill do some more testing. thanks
j'habite en creuse c'est un honneur haha
you are welcome, the ai_hints file (if needed) will follow too in due time. Good to see some progress, take your time, it's worth it.
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
this would be great - thanks pal
Excellent track. Easily up there with the best AC mod tracks. Latest version really adds a lot more polish. Short layout is great fun. Thanks for bringing this great track to AC!
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
When I first downloaded (a much older version) I wasn't that impressed. The layout was pretty cool, but it was nothing special. My thoughts have changed tremendously with all of the work the author is putting into this circuit. So much fun with the older cars and it can be pretty brutal (in a good way!) with the hypercars and powerful race cars of today. Good hand/eye coordination is a must for this track. The blind, off-camber, downhill right-hander near the end of the track is such a challenge when really trying to push it hard. I love it!
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
Yes thanks man. There's more to tweak yet visually I'm not happy with it yet. But I personally can't stop driving it
Thanks - top quality track! :)
Beatiful track, very well done. Glad you will be working on it further, looks that another AAA track mod is coming.
I just would like to suggest to add more pitboxes. I think 22-24 is a good number, but you know it's your track.
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
Thanks for the review. I will certainly look at adding more. It's just a space issue in the pit lane. But I'll see what I can do
il est vraiment bon, les caméras bien positionner ! wicked !
great track!
Really nice. Looking forward to updates to the mesh as the ffb is a bit on the numb side. Graphically it's quite impressive but some extra track side objects and sponsors would be a nice touch to give it that race day look & feel.

Two thumbs up mate.
Thanks, love this track.

Though it's a bit fps heavy at places and certain time of day, especially in shadows.
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
i'm pretty sure i can optimise more, is turn one a problem
Finally updated, thanks!!....
Off to a great start! I would also mention that optimization is needed since i also see a bit of stutter here and there. But its a fun little track and it looks really good.
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
i know its not a long term solution, but maybe drop your AA TO X2 for now, i normally cant stand the jaggies, but not to bad on this track, may help for now, i dont have a particulaly beffy pc so know your pain
brilliant track. thanks mate
Very promising.
Thank you and keep up the good work
Thanks for the update , great track , top work
nicely done thank you ! and yes a bit more optimisation :)
Nice work, many thanks! o/