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Circuit Mas du Clos 1.2

2010 Layout (Before Closure Of Circuit) Limousin, France

  1. Circuit Mas du Clos 1.2

    jim lloyd
    Hey Everyone

    Ok so i finally got round to updating this, learned a lot since doing this track, so it was well over due (Special Thanks to Darren Blythe for his kind permission to use his awesome tree textures - thanks Pal)

    i have squeezed as much performance as i possibly could from it by tweaking everything and decimating the crap out of my ridiculously over polygon-ed land mesh, there are still a couple of frame dips, but my main aim was to get it not dropping below 180fps on my system,...
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  2. Circuit Mas du Clos

    jim lloyd
    Hey Everyone

    Ok sorry for the quick update. a few fixes

    - Fixed Balloon Shadow
    - Pushed pit-lane back to avoid limiter kicking in with 2 wheels over
    - Added extra pit boxes to both layouts - 28 in total - tested and working fine with AI
    - Added groove to loop layout
    - Added Cameras to drift layout - you can now cycle through them in replay mode
    - fixed RAR Corruption issue - uploaded as a zip file - SORRY

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  3. Circuit Mas du Clos 1.0

    jim lloyd
    Hey Everyone

    Thank you for you paitence all the kind reviews you guys have given my track so far, it means a lot

    So i finally got round to finishing this thing, 1.0 is done, i have been busy, Honestly with other things ;)
    • Updated Shader's across the whole track to bring overall brightness levels up (in line with user feedback)
    • Added new track lines to pit lane in line with you tube reference videos
    • Added Reverse Open Drift Layout (Note: there is no AI for this layout - but...
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  4. Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.9

    jim lloyd
    OK first of thanks to everyone who has given feedback or is just following this stumble through track making, its been super fun doing this project up to now!!!

    So this is nearly getting to 1.0,. only really have the groove elements to add, i have re-painted the entire terrain, new track edges etc etc (pretty much everything) hopefully you will notice the improvement, especially the overall light levels of the track have been balanced side by side with kunos tracks (as far as i'm willing to...
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  5. Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.8.1 (Short Loop Layout Added)

    jim lloyd
    First of, Super sincere apologies to those with limited bandwidth or those who have just downloaded !SORRY!. Anyway today was a bonus day off work that i wasn't expecting, so got this done as i will not have much time in the foreseeable future to work on this. so thought id share it with you guys. Have Fun and let me know what you think.The Caterham Super 7 Mod is so much fun to race on the Loop

    • Added Short Loop Layout (Recommended for the Vintage Cars - sure you can take a modern...
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  6. Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.8

    jim lloyd
    OK so i have been busy with (Real) work so sorry about the slow update. I have been doing a lot of texture work, tweaking Normal Maps, replacing textures, and adjusting shaders, i have made some major updates to the surrounding terrain, and road textures and shaders. Hope you enjoy as much as i am having fun making....

    • Changed Sun Position and angle to match correct location - Driving at 4.30 is the best time for me coming down the back straight with sun sun rays poking through...
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  7. Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.7.6 (Pit-Lane Fix)

    jim lloyd
    Hot-Fix - Sorry about this - Fixed the Pit-lane AI and now pit lane speed limit is enforced and pit stops seem to be working correctly. please let me know how this works online in multiplayer
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  8. Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.7.5

    jim lloyd
    This update is a small hot-fix, i have not had much time to work on any major stuff, but i have done some optimization and reduced the whole track file size by compressing all textures and made distant physical object none physical. this gained on average 10fps on my gtx760, more optimizations to come as soon as i have time, but at least it runs better which is step in the right direction.

    • Optimization (more to do) compressed textures and re-name distant physical objects as none,...
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  9. Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.7

    jim lloyd
    This update is largely texture and terrain final tweaks, optimization and groove to come soon i promise, just need to knuckle down to real work for a couple of weeks

    • Added new slip road & more track side details
    • Added track edge textures
    • New Curb textures and Coloring
    • Reduced small track edge curbs (hotel hairpin)
    • Tweaked KS shader for road (now darker in low light conditions)
    • Remodeled Terrain (to side of Corner Two)
    • Tweaked Window Shaders for reflections...
  10. Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.6 (Visual & Physics Update)

    jim lloyd
    I Have updated and tweaked a fare few items around the track, main focus was on getting the road surface up to speck, i still have some work to do with track edges, but hey its looking so much better. again thanks to all those that have helped so far....More updates to come......
    • Pine trees Added + tweaking and Culling a lot of trees and adding tree walls
    • Added more track side details
    • Added new track lines (removed from main road diffuse texture)
    • Road texture details...
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  11. Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.5.1 Physics Mesh Update & New Camera's (Courtesy of norbs)

    jim lloyd
    After 2 solid days of scratching my head a biting my nails, test after test after test, tweak, test repeat repeat. i have finally finished a proper physics road mesh, i hope you agree its like night and day, its feels like a proper old bumpy track, it feels alive now, and it bites. ps if your wondering about the placement of some of the larger bumps these are in anticipation of road patches cracks etc. Thanks go to Lilski & Fat-Alfie for their help with this

    the track cameras have been...
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  12. Circuit Mas du Clos (WIP) 0.5 Physics Mesh (First Pass)

    jim lloyd
    Change Log:
    • Physics Mesh Added (First Pass)
    Please let me know your thoughts, this is my first attempt at this and i don't have a great wheel for testing so comments/feedback welcome.

    PS. if anybody would like to record a fast AI line please go ahead
    (I'm not fast, or particularly clean)
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