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Circuit Mas du Clos

Circuit Mas du Clos Circuit Mas du Clos 1.3

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fenomenal fun, great details
Great track and great effort making it for assetto
Great track!
muy buen trabajo. perfecta. muchas gracias
good track, thanks
J'ai eu le plaisir de tourner irl sur ce circuit il y a quelques années et le boulot sur ce mod est fantastique !!!!
j'habite en creuse c'est un honneur haha
merci pour le travail emorme
Excellent, hoped we would see this updated.
Thanks for the update, it now runs great.
Very interesting and entertaining autodrome! Thanks!
Very rarely I review anything, but this is worth the time. Perfect track in every way! Thanks!
Superb work ... Thank you
Forgot about this update. Thanks Jim, stunning work as usual. Cheers
Wow, It's a must for lovers of intense emotions !!
Thank you !!
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
thanks for the update, great to see some "local tracks" (or club track), and not only f1 track here.
i'll add that I got very bad memories with the real track (speed was really not welcome there, sound limit were really abusive etc...since the 2000's, track was only for "gentle driving", no alfano etc...), but nice looking place ;)
great work , thanks a lot , @ the orginal circuit ....there no billboards around the track ?? a bit naked around the track :)
jim lloyd
jim lloyd
Thanks Buddy. There were no really any big races here towards the end of the tracks public use, i wanted to capture how it was in 2011. that said if there was demand here i could do a raceday layout or something with crowds and tents and adverts etc etc. would be nice if we could bring more life to the tracks in general, hopefully this will be something for AC2