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Caterham 7 Super Sprint | 1995

Caterham 7 Super Sprint | 1995 1.35

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my game wont start after this mod :C but ok, thanks!
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
sorry to hear about that, again use Support to post more details, i and we will be glad to try and help! I would start with a repair of the game in steam, also called "validate game's cache". Because nobody seem to have such issue!
Great !

My two cents:

Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
thanks :p i'll check that!
This thing is great, if it weren't for the sounds which I don't like a lot, this would truly be perfect, and if you really bring us the whole fleet of Caterhams, you officially are one of the AC Modding Gods.
Fun to drive, 3D model is beautiful, best backfire in AC!
Wonderful visuals and handling, many thanks.
One of my all-time favorite vehicles. Interested to see how this project develops.
Sound not so bad ....it's not a v8 supercar ....listen YouTube on board
one of the best mods ever!
Top content. Keep up the great work!
Superb, only one criticism, posted in Support
Absolutely flipping amazing and it's not even a v1.0!
You're obviously extremely talented, and if this really is your 1st mod ever... Then I'm looking forward to your future updates and other releases.

I would agree with those that have commented about the sounds not quite being up to the extremely high standard of the visuals... But I'm sure you'll nail that in a future update...

Such a fun fun car and a great car for anyone looking to practice drifting.

Congratulations mate Superb work! :)
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
Hey thanks dude! Glad you're enjoying it :)
Really nice, thanks.
just fyi ui tags should probably be "great britain","manual"

rather than uk and h shifter, to match kunos ones
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
thank you! I will fix that :)
Keep working well like that.
Great work on this, lots of nice little details on the model.
Very enjoyable.
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
If you could elaborate why you put only 4/5 i'd be interested :)
Thank you

Assetto Corsa - Ben O'Bro - Caterham 7 Super Sprint 1995 0.7 @Nurburgring GP (GT) (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - Ben O'Bro - Caterham 7 Super Sprint 1995 0.7 @Nurburgring GP (GT) (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
My request was to be able to freely change gear ratios, because it is now a bit frustrating
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
Thanks for your feedback. As i said in support, i won't add gear ratio because it's a street car, matching mine, and no slick tires either. All this will be found in the race alternative, which is the Academy ;) On the other hand, if speeds and gears don't match we may have a look to fix it
Thanks for the update - works great!

Thanks to share
Great update , now work perfectly.....Thanks for sharing !