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Caterham 7 Super Sprint | 1995

Caterham 7 Super Sprint | 1995 1.35

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Good work, keep working on it!
grazie ;)
Really fantastic all this, there was a Caterham in Assetto Race for a while and you've filled the void. Great fun and good car, only the engine sound needs refinement. I look forward to coming to the most powerful 420R, great job!
Really good 3D model and physics, just the sound and the ffb is not so nice, hope you will improve it in future updates
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
hey thank you! The FFB per say i can't do anything, but the tyres, suspensions etc. could indeed affect the FFB once it's all done, hopefully you'll then have better experience, or so i hope
Beautiful car, outstanding work.
Amazing mod! Thanks
Brilliant! Got to the first corner, massive controlled powerslide and huge grin :D. Well done, and looking forward to later and other versions.
What a fun car - took them for a spin @ Monza. Thank you for sharing.
Fantastic mod!
I love the feeling of the car, wonderful for single make races! I can't wait for future variants, especially competition models.
Thank you
Absolutely stunning ! Excellent mod. Awesome look and feel, fun to drive (have not raced it yet). Highly detailed and feel for realism (love the driver helmet in the clamshell edition).
Windscreen texture is exemplary, kudos !
You guys can be proud on yourselves. This rating system needs more stars... ;-)
Thanks a lot, hope to see the Academy version (and some race skins) too.
Nice work, many thanks! \o
The car model and physics is excellent, Car engine sound no so good, hope it improve with future updates, keep the good work
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
Thank you for driving it :) Engine sound could indeed be worked better, but damn it's hard to find that specific engine in good quality... and all caterham owners next to me have newer ones!
Really good work, this car is fun you have a good feedback; But there is a trouble! When you want make a race with other Caterham there a black screen at end loading. Continue it's a good way
Awesome! Been eagerly awaiting this one (and the rest of the versions ;) ).

Care to share the procedures for getting the metal/chrome paint effects on the liveries?
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
hey thanks :) the chrome is the body(+_long)_map.dds you can find in skin folder. If it's pinkish it reflects as chrome, if it's brown/greyish it's paint. A3DR detailled it well somewhere in the forum... PM me if you need more details :)
Great physics, sounds and I like the dirt in the windshield and few details that in the end make the car looks awesome! Lack hand animation to gear up and down in the Left Hand Drive version but it is ok! Great job with this mod man! In Rift looks amazing! 5 stars!!!!!
Such a great little car to throw around. And all that chrome! 5 stars for me.
Very well done, typicly what I expected from a Bug-eye. Great mod and on top of it skins are beautifull. Thanks for sharing.
JUST GREAT !!!!!!!!
Tip: would be great to have the sound of this modification a bit retouched but, in addition, really great great mod
I hope you get inspired to do all the other models Caterham xD (620R 620S 420 360 ...)
Keep up the good work :)