Caterham 7 Super Sprint | 1995

Caterham 7 Super Sprint | 1995 1.35

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Welcome to this new Caterham Mod​

Inspired by a good old 1995 Super Sprint i owned for several years, i wanted to share the joy it brought me on the roads.


Declined here in 3 versions. They all handle the same.
♦ Clamshell (long wings more classic looking)


Also available :
Caterham 165 -
Academy 2017 -
Fictional R500 -
420R Race Specs -


♦♦ Templates ♦♦
You can find PSD Templates here : - 46mo
Layers inside the PSD can be hidden or not to make LHD or RHD skins. I included the template for license plate and the free font.

♦♦ Credits ♦♦
3D model, Textures, Sound >> @Ben O'Bro
Research & brand new physics >> @JackCY

Known issues
- Crashes when skipping session to race in race weekend mode
- wrong mapping on side mirrors (stretchy reflect)

- LHD exhaust and engine intake is on the wrong side
- sound & dial light may need tweaking, feel free to replace sound with one you like more, Content Manager offers a simple to do swap if you don't know how
- any bug or mistake please report it so we can fix it

Thank you to Catmaniac from Sevener's forum for his time and kindness, Puduku and Nico for their help and patience.
Through all this adventure thank you guys for the help and support:
NightEye87, aphidgod, Jebus, AccAkut, A3DR, AlleyViper, LilSki, garyjpaterson, marcocale, mantasisg, Stereo, mclarenf1papa, Patrik Marek, Phoenix77...
JackCY for offering to do the physics
Fonsecker for his helpful tutorial
the_meco for his great driver template!
and i hope i don't forget anyone...
but in any case, thanks to the RD community :)
I'd like to thank my parents as well, because they deserve to be thanked every once in a while :p

... if you want to share this mod, only share the link to this Race Departement page!
And of course, please do not modify, copy or upload any part of this mod without my permission.

Lot of hours went into it so we hope you enjoy it!

From Ben & Jack
With ♥

NB: it's my first mod ever, so please be kind :) if you find mistakes or bug, please report them i'll be glad to try fix them

NB²: if you were to enjoy it that much and wanted to say thank you, feel free! Beers will be shared between Jack & i
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Latest updates

  1. physics & stuff

    physics update setup.ini fixed car a little lighter, aero updated, COG all that all 3 cars are...
  2. Clamshell updated + night

    physics a little, i think, kinda lost track which version of what, but should be improved Since...
  3. LHD rear rim fix & few tweaks

    Folder name changed in previous version 1.01, please delete the old folder from version 1.0 if...

Latest reviews

So fun to drive, and a truly great addition to the car roster. Thanks a lot !
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0k Thank You =)
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My "go to" model for practice or to test out a track, absolute fun to handle. Another gem. Thank you much.
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What a great little car! Drives well, looks amazing and sounds just right when pushing the rev.

A Big well done from me.
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
Hey thanks, glad people are still enjoying this one :)
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I like this mod a lot, and want to own one of these cars :)
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Awesome, love it!
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Great car not too much power to kill the driving experience - thanks
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Always a classic car to throw around anytrack, a must have. Thank you for this great mod!
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great! Tks for developing!
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Thank you so much. This car is just wonderfull to drive. I have a smile on my face at every apex. Just looking at the reflection in the chrome back to the headlights makes me smile. The detail is amazing!!!
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Just amazing. It takes anything you throw at it.

Supple, compliant, predictable, friendly, fast and FUN.

New hobby is seeing how out of shape I can get it and still recover.

Thank you so much for this peach of a car.
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5/5 as far as quality goes, it even has a damage model, something that even high end mod cars for the game dont have.

Also this might be one of if not THE most fun car to throw around in the game. Not joking. Maybe a little bit more fun than the other caterhams from the same guy. Even with mouse and keyboard i had nothing in my mind except "COME ON ONE MORE LAP LETS DO IT!"

It was just a blast to drive this thing around okayama or monaco.
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I love all of Ben's Caterhams, I have a strange issue with this model though. Drive the Longford track with the RHD version and the graphics fail when going under the bridge. The LHD version is fine. Anyone else experienced this?
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Very Nice, thank's.
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awesome mod, great fun
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Awesomely fun car, congratulations on getting it finished :)
Well done to all involved! A must have for anyones virtual garage.
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great mod, great car !! Bravo
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Excellent fun. Thanks so much for the update.
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wow!!! excelent update, now my lap record is very much best, thanks.-
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Ben O'Bro
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