Caterham 7 Super Sprint | 1995 1.02

1700cc Ford Crossflow Engine. 530kg & 133bhp

  1. LHD rear rim fix & few tweaks

    Ben O'Bro
    • Folder name changed in previous version 1.01, please delete the old folder from version 1.0 if you haven't already :)
    • Rear alloy LHD fixed: messed up hierarchy
    • One new skin for the Clamshell to apologize for yet another version :p
    • Lod_B updated for all cars (matching car paint & side mirrors)
    Please let it be the last update!

    Ben O'Bro
    • Please delete the old folders! (we updated the folder names to shorter ones to avoid an error)
    • LHD flames fixed
    • dash cam + f6 camera updated
    • LHD shifting updated
    • LHD collider fixed (pivot orientation was wrong)
    • LHD chrome skin updated (removed the lines effect)
    Voila, hoping we didn't mess up something else, as well as didn't forget anything :p
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  3. Final version

    Ben O'Bro
    Hi there. Long time no patch, we hope it was worth the wait!
    Lot of research went into this update.
    Brand new tyres, suspension, aero...
    More settings to play with in the setup.

    few mistakes will be fixed within the next days in a hotfix
    such as: LHD collider & LHD flame & LHD (again!) shifting

    The RHD is the base version.
    LHD & Clamshell are under the RHD version :)

    See below Jack' notes for more...
  4. More fixes

    Ben O'Bro
    • LHD shift animation working !
    • brake power added in setup
    • mirrors added on passenger side (LHD and RHD)
    • mapping mirrors fixed (it was stretched)
    • driver look-at position updated, thanks @smurth :)
    • car bottom darker + darker hoses
    • water & oil pressure moved to a fix value (rather than 0)
    • rounded windshield chassis on LHD
    • fixed seat belt entering the passenger seat in LHD
    • few textures tweak
    • all car skins now in 2048 instead...
  5. hotfix for race (temporary tyre fix) + data.acd

    Ben O'Bro
    Sorry for the update already, i had to solve the bug reported by a few people. Starting a race was causing the game to stop.
    Tyres.ini was faulty. I quickly changed the street tyres from the miata, turned into 13" so it's now v10 but temporary. I'm doing pretty much the same lap time with them. Let me know if i messed things up more XD
    I also compiled the data.acd file.
    Hoping it's good now!
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