Caterham 420R / R300 racecars

Caterham 420R / R300 racecars 1.5

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+ R300

3D model, Textures >> @Ben O'Bro
Research & physics >> @JackCY
Sound >> kunos Praga

Physics are the same as before. they are work in progress and will be updated soon(ish)

'20 420R sequential

'08 R300 manual

Note i did the R300 pretty quickly and there are some mistakes with the skin on the nosecone

Skin pack :
can be applied to both cars

PSD template :
check existing skins to get the idea


420race_180311_03.jpg Screenshot_bo_caterham_seven_420r_racecar_rhd_ks_brands_hatch_8-5-120-20-12-31_accumulation.jpg Screenshot_bo_caterham_seven_420r_racecar_rhd_ks_brands_hatch_8-5-120-20-12-39_accumulation.jpg Screenshot_bo_caterham_seven_420r_racecar_rhd_ks_brands_hatch_9-5-120-22-25-30_accumulation.jpg

♦ Disclaimer ♦
Please... if you want to share this mod, only share the link to this Race Department page!
And of course, please do not modify, copy or upload any part of this mod without my permission.

Lot of hours went into it so we hope you enjoy it!

From Ben & Jack
With ♥

Latest updates

  1. New 3D model and one bonus car '08 R300

    New 3D model and one bonus '08 R300 Skin pack ...

Latest reviews

As mentioned by others, the tyres don't warm up and it does sound like a Praga, but otherwise a wonderful car that gives that unique caterham feel around short to medium sized tracks. Physics, mesh details and textures are spot on. Thank you!
Increíble mod, perfecto!! Para mí el Caterham más divertido de todos
Excellent work! I really, really love this car.

One slight problem, though, and I know this has been answered before, but still: It is quite impossible for me to get the tyres up to temperature. I drop them to 16 PSI, increase camber, raise air temperature to maximum and drive on the very twisty Padborg Park. Still they won't heat up, while the real life models don't seem to suffer from the same.

Maximum lap time on Padborg Park also seems to be 1-2 seconds of what's possible in the real thing, but that is most likely due to the tyres. I hope you'll have chance to look into that in the future, it would make an excellent mod outstanding!
6 years that I play Assetto Corsa. So many years of testing many mods. This one is without a doubt the best I have tested. The mod is fun, beautiful, the details are present, the physics are excellent. In short, top mod, to test as soon as possible!
PS: for beginner drivers, this is a great car to learn to make up for mistakes.
Unico! Rispettabile Lavoro!
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
grazie mille signore ! ^^
Excellent mod. Very fun. Congrats for your work
I'm not thanking you, now I only want to drive the 420R, you spoiled me! :)
awesome! wow... thank you
One of the best mod ever... My favorite car together with the kunos BMW m3 e30 gr.A.
It’s couple of weeks I’m playing all night with 2 friends in our own server, it’s a pity there are not other bigger servers using this mod. As others say, we are all waiting for the upgrade of physic , when you brake it’s really hard to don’t block wheels. Anyway, congrats for the mod man, it’s really awesome.
Fantastic mod well done and thanks!
BIG THANK´S dudes for all the work and effort you have spent creating this modd. Caterham is my favorite car. Wish to owne one IRL :-) BR Kimmo
Great car, just had loads of fun around Mosport with it.
Wonderful mod! Such a pleasure to drive. The modelling is perfect to my eyes. Physics is just perfect too. And now with great fps performance.
Thank you so much for this great, great mod.
Hi! congratulations for the car! it's really, really, really fun to drive. I upload gameplay of your mod on Oulton Park to You Tube
Thanks for sharing, great handling for gamepad. Any chance to to find left handed version?
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
i won't be doing the LHD version, it's too much hassle :) But on the bright side, there is the manual R300 for free ^^
very nice and fun, but i suspect there is something wrong with the tyres??? They never get hot, I tried several laps on Nords / Fonteny and they always stay cold at around 57-63 degrees. I tried less air / more air / more front camber but nothing seems to work. Any solution on this?
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
as written, physics is 99% same as before, so wait for 2.0 once we improved the physics ;)
Good job dude!!! Thanks!!!
great great fun !
A must have imo! Thanks for this update, you're a hero! <3

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