Calsonic Skyline GT-R JTC (1990) - #12 Team IMPUL

Calsonic Skyline GT-R JTC (1990) - #12 Team IMPUL 1.02

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Description & Features
"Calsonic Skyline GT-R JTC (1990) - #12 Team IMPUL" skin for Nissan 1991 (R32) GT-R Group A (Touring Car - Classic Touring Cars Class).

- This Mod replaces "DEFAULT" livery.

- Including High-Res (4K) textures for "High Res Texture Pack" DLC.

- Including alternate wheel color (Silver).
(Note: You can use only alternate wheel for other skins.)




Known Issue
- The side mirrors are matte (I'm not sure, but it seems to be optimized for matte-black).

Thanks to all authors and modding community. Without their support, this livery could not have been done.

* Petar Tasev (Ryder25) *
- Thanks to Petar Tasev (Ryder25) for EGO PSSG Editor & EGO Tools.

* Ron123
- Thanks to Ron123 for the template.

* Dave Noonan (SimGarage) *
- Thanks to Dave Nooman for 3dSimEd (Car Viewer & 3DS export).

* RaceDepartment modding community *
- Thanks to everyone for all the modding information.

* Codemasters *
- Thanks to Codemasters for "GRID Autosport" game.

- Please refer to the Readme incluided in the archive.

Video Preview
< Credit >
Thanks to "siroja" for "GRID Autosport - Rear-view mirror" Mod.

< Note >
In this video, I used my original "Replay Cam Mod (WIP)".:)


Latest updates

  1. Ver.1.02 Updates

    Thanks for downloading. :) Ver.1.02: Change log - Tweaked the reflection of the default wheel...
  2. A small bug fix.

    Fixed a small bug. I'm sorry.

Latest reviews

very well done, grateful !!!
Thanks for kind comment, stal. Much appreciated! :)

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