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Modding Questions Thread

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport Mods' started by chargingcar, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. what are you using to open the pssg files , i carnt open any of them at the minute , really annoying :thumbsup:
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  2. I'd also like to know about the .pssg files, Ryder's editor can't open them and I was looking forward to doing some skinning.
  3. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    To open the textures with Ryders PSSG Editor, you'll need to unzip them first using 7zip.

    They will open as normal after being unzipped first.

    At the moment I'm not too sure whether the unzipped PSSG files will work back in game again as I only have a single car file to extract the model and textures from. I do not as of yet have a full version of the game as I am waiting to see it's modding potential.
  4. airutonpurosuto8912


    I can't open them too. Let's hope that Ryder25 releases the new version of it.
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  5. Just spoke with Petar from ryder25 going to try something now :)
  6. Works fine but the issue is strange , as I had a Skyline R34 grid2 mod ,
    so last night added that livery , when you load the game and choose the car it shows all the livery in the showroom but want load to track unless there is a little difference in one texture setting may be the issue , no too sure , but Petar from Ryder25 said this ,


    The pssg files are just compressed as a gzip file so you can open them with a zip opener, and extract the file inside. Then it should open with the pssg editor.

    I don't really have the time to be making updates to do this automatically, and considering CM hid the database.bin file again, it makes modding pretty useless in my eyes, and give me even less motivation to make anymore updates.
  7. doesn't work at my place :(. pssg editor gives error at every part of the file
  8. worked fine for me first time , but on rally gamers playground , he has 2 skins ingame he did the last time i looked anyway
  9. maybe it's different as i'm looking in the track files and not skins?
  10. car models you need to be looking in m8
  11. Does anyone know where the white Ravenwest liveries are? I've been through the entire cars folder and can't find them anywhere.
  12. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    From what I have seen and read about the game and file structure, don't think I'll be getting this until it gets very very cheap to buy. By then there may be more in the way of mods available.

    The models and textures can still be opened, well they can with the single file I have anyway, so nothing has changed too much regarding that.

    But having the database hidden once again limits the modding opportunity. Plus I'd like to see how much depth this game has, as it's a bit too close after release to judge as yet.
  13. Last year codemasters changed a lot of the files on grid2 because no one was really playing it so they made it really modder friendly but again totally changed there minds , I am starting to just loose total interest in the games , F1 2014 will not be any better if anything worse , if its next gen as well as people are talking about ,
    Ill just stick to hardcore simracing games unless things change fast :)
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  14. I have tried unzip some files and replaced the originals and they worked fine.
  15. Hello: How can I open a skin of a car, I open it with PSSG Editor but get this :unsure: 1.png 2.png
  16. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Unzip the file first. Then open with the editor.
  17. [QUOTE = "ML2166, post: 1.759.722, deksel: 16805"] Pak eerst naamwoord Het Bestand. Vervolgens Opent u ontmoette de editor. [/ QUOTE]

    I can open a mod, but I can not open file:

    Program Files (C) - Program Files - GRID Autosport - cars - models - S15 - liver_06 - textures_low,
  18. With Another games i can open it F1 games , but Grid autosport i can not open pssg files
  19. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    As I said in the earlier post, you need to unzip the file first before you can open it.
  20. [QUOTE = "ML2166, post: 1.759.754, lid: 16805"]. Zoals ik al zei in de eerdere post, moet u het bestand eerst uit te pakken voordat je het kunt openen [/ QUOTE]

    Hoe kun je uitpakken van een bestand terwijl het niet een winrar bestand, het is een orginale bestand van het spel zelf is geen mod

    kijken :

    3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png 10.png 11.png