DiRT Rally - Enhanced Camera Control Mod

DiRT Rally - Enhanced Camera Control Mod 4.2

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Ver.4.2 Update (Summary)

- Added 7 new cars according to the official "DiRT Rally Update - Version 1.1" (5/4/2016) by Codemasters.

*** 1960s ***
- Renault Alpine A110

*** 1980s [RWD] ***
- Renault 5 Turbo

*** Hillclimb - Modern ***
- Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak

*** Rallycross Classic ***
- Mini Classic Rallycross

*** Rallycross 1600s ***
- Opel Corsa Super 1600
- Renault Clio S1600
- Peugeot 207 S1600


Note (Please Read)
- Adjusted "Dash-Cam" position can't be saved because it is not supported officially as default.

Description (Features)
- This Mod expands (maximizes) the range of the "Seat Adjustment" and makes the enhanced camera control possible.

< Seat Adjustment (Camera Control) - Range >

- Enabled "Seat Adjustment" & "Adjustable FOV" (not only for Head-Cam but also) for Dash-Cam.

- 4 FOV packages.
FOV 25.0-35.0 (mainly for Triple-Screen)
FOV 35.0-45.0 (mainly for Triple-Screen)
FOV 45.5-55.5 (optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio Single Monitor)
FOV 55.0-70.0 (optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio Single Monitor)

In each package, every driving camera (except "Chase Cameras") has the same FOV range.
So, once you have set the FOV in "Preferences" menu, you can use the same FOV for all driving cameras.


- The camera control range of each car is optimized for FOV 25.0 - 70.0.

- 3 lateral positions

Driver's Side
Semi-Center (FOV 45.5-55.5 only)

- Enabled the "Driver's Head" for "Center & Semi-Center Cameras".

The Driver's Helmet can be displayed. This makes it possible to play with "On-board" style camera or "Over-the-Shoulder" style camera.

You can enable/disable the Driver's Helmet (Cockpit Driver) in "Preferences" menu (as described above).

- I could play the "Online Events" with this Mod and record my time on the Leaderboard.

This Mod does not affect the physics at all, so it seems to be ok to play online with this Mod.

About base camera positions
(1) This Mod includes the following cameras.

a. Head Camera
b-1. Bonnet (Hood) Camera - Driver's Side
b-2. Bonnet (Hood) Camera - Center
c-1. Center Camera
c-2. Semi-Center Camera
d. Dash Camera
e. Bumper Camera (Higher Position)
f. Chase Camera (Close/Far) (Default position. Changed nothing)

(2) This Mod includes 3 packages, and each package includes the following cameras above.

- Driver's Side Cameras: (a)(d) + (b-1) + (e)(f)
- Driver's Side & Center Cameras: (a)(c-1) + (b-2) + (e)(f)
- Semi-Center & Center Cameras: (c-1)(c-2) + (b-2) + (e)(f)
(Note: Replaced "Dash Camera" with "Center Camera". FOV 45.5-55.5 only.)


Thanks to all authors and the modding community. Without their work and support, this Mod could not have been done.

* Codemasters *
- Thanks to Codemasters for DiRT Rally game and their continued support.

* Fergo *
- Thanks to Fergo for "BinXML".

<Hereafter A-Z order>

* astro83 *
- Thanks to astro83 for the feedback about the shadow flickering issue on Ver.4.0.

* bigaustin *

- Thanks to bigaustin for the suggestion regarding the Head Camera position of the "Ford Fiesta RS Rally".

* bogani *
- Thanks to bogani for the suggestion about the "Co-Driver's Side Camera".

* dynt *
- Thanks to dynt for the feedback about Daily Live.

* Fleskebacon *
- Thanks to Fleskebacon for sharing the way to use Steam "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" option to restore the original files.

* gfRally (aka gf1) *
- Thanks to gfRally for the suggestion regarding the lower camera position.

* John Dalton *
- Thanks to John Dalton for the information about the new features.

* linus noren *
- Thanks to linus noren for the suggestion about the "FOV 55.0-70.0" package.

* MrPix *
- Thanks to MrPix for sharing the information about the Adjustable FOV.

* OmaOhneBH *
- Thanks to OmaOhneBH for sharing the information, "How to enable the Adjustable FOV of the Dash Camera".

* Petar Tasev (aka Ryder25) *
- Thanks to Petar Tasev for hosting and updating Modding Tools and the information.

* RaceDepartment *
- Thanks to RaceDepartment for the community forum.

* samekyo *
- Thanks to samekyo for the suggestion regarding the position of the "Head-Cam".

* spriggex *
- Thanks to spriggex for the suggestion regarding the position of the "Head-Cam".

* Tomi *
- Thanks to Tomi for sharing the information about "Automatic Launch Control".

* Vangelis pargiNOS (aka parginos) *
- Thanks to Vangelis pargiNOS for the suggestion regarding the "Center Dash-Cam".

* yoshino *
- Thanks to yoshino for the suggestion about "Driver's Side & Center Cameras" package.

Installation & Uninstallation
- Please refer to the Readme included in the archive.

Sample: Adjusted Cameras
Codemasters added "Seat Adjustment" in their official "Modern Masters Update". And it makes what I wanted to do with Camera Mod possible. (Thanks to Codemasters for their support!)
Here are several examples.

<Dash-Cam: adjusted to "Driver's view with HUD Dial">

<Center Cam: adjusted to "TV On-board style view">


<Semi-Center: adjusted to "Over-the-Shoulder view">


<Center Cam: adjusted to "Center Dash-Cam">
(Suggested by Vangelis pargiNOS. Thank you, pargiNOS! :) )


<Center Cam: adjusted to "Roof Cam with Tilt-Down">


<Dash-Cam: Now it's possible to adjust the fore-aft position of the Bonnet-Cam when changed the FOV>


Latest updates

  1. Ver.4.2 Update - Added 7 new cars according to the official "DiRT Rally Update - Version 1.1"

    Ver.4.2 Update (Summary) - Added 7 new cars according to the official "DiRT Rally Update -...
  2. Ver.4.1 Update - Added 2 new cars according to "Winter Wonderland and Version 1.0 update"

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  3. Fixed the shadow flickering issue. As a result of this, made several necessary changes.

    Ver.4.01 Update (Summary) - Changed the "nearPlane" value to the default to fix the shadow...

Latest reviews

Great mod. Have you thought about doing this for dirt 4
In my case, The best and most useful mod for original DR!

P.S. for those who also uses cockpit view in DR2.0:
today i found a fix to my biggest problem with this game (DR2.0) - seating position/ view. In original DR this problem was fixed with "Enhanced Camera Control Mod 4.2". As a wheel/pedals/shifter/cockpit user, it is very important for me to set proper view in regard to equipment and the screen used (and its position). Previously i could drive in DR2.0 only with hood view. Now - it's all good.
Find a file: hardware_settings_config.xml.
Located here: C:\Users\"User Name"\Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally 2.0\hardwaresettings\
Open it and change line: <eyefinity force="" osd="" />
To: <eyefinity force="3x1" osd="" />

In game i use default FOV (slider in the middle), and then seat moved all the way forward, tilt all the way up at the horizon, and then seat up/down differs per car.

Also in the same file I adjusted many settings that affect graphics. Specifically was significant for me is changing HDR level to 0 in this line: <hdr level="0.0" />
and disabling supersampling in this line: <resolution width="1920" height="1080" aspect="auto" fullscreen="1" vsync="0" refreshRate="143" multisampling="8xmsaa" supersampling="0" taa="1" />

Hope it helps someone. Spread the word.
Bravo !!!!
fantastic mod. Impossible to play without this mod on triple screen.
I hope - and i think that I'm not alone - the same for Dirt Rally 2.0.
How do you get the dial to show in Cockpit View?

Great mod
Great mod :)
So helpful!!
AMAZING -> <Dash-Cam: adjusted to "Driver's view with HUD Dial">

now we can play in "Driver's View / Head view" with HUD Dial !!!!

Excellent work and I feel great, adjust the FOV is an excellent application ....
Can it be used for Dirt 4?
Thanks for your comment, Samuelcat.
Unfortunately, I don't own DiRT 4 because the game is not what I expected. I hope that Codemasters will develop DiRT Rally 2 in the near future and make it possible for us to edit Camera Mod as it was possible in the old EGO based titles like DiRT Rally 1.
Thanks again for you kind comment and interest. :)
Here I´m back,
after some time for searching and testing I have understand it is easy for the most user but a little bit tricky for rookys. I´ve found it and I must say the mod ist verry good, many thanks for release (-: (-: (-: (-;
Thanks for your comment, microice 99999.
Yes, I agree it's a little bit tricky for the first time. But once you understand how to install and use the Mod, it's very simple I think.
Thanks again! :)
Excelent work bro =)
Thanks for your comment, Virus_Inc! :)
Great, thanks! This is a mandatory mod for this game! :-)
Thanks for your comment, VittorioBrambilla! :)
Awesome! After I decided to not play exterior cameras anymore I've been struggling to find a nice camera. Keep up with the excellent work!
Thanks for your comment, Joao Paulo Viana de Lima.
I also like the in-car cameras, too! :)
Finally game became playable with triple setup, thank you!
Thanks for your comment, diabolus79.
I'm glad to hear the Mod worked with Triple Setup! :)
Very good job! Thanks

But how can i change Bonnet/Hood FOV?

Thank you
Thanks for your kind comment, Lukars. :)
You can change the FOV of the Bonnet/Hood camera in "Main Menu - Profile - Game Preferences" menu, or during the event, in "(Paused) - Options - Preferences" menu.
I think you can find "Camera Field of View" (FOV Slider) in "Preferences" menu. And you can change the FOV of all cameras (except Chase-Cams) with it.
Also, you can move forward "Cockpit-Cam" or "Dash-Cam" to the outside of the cockpit (windshield) and use it as Bonnet/Hood camera. Please refer to "Preview 01 - Camera Control - Range.png" in the archive. You can adjust the Bonnet/Hood camera to your favorite position.
Hope this helps. And thanks again! :)
Thanks a lot!
You save us a huge amount of work.
12000+ downloads say it all! My most downloaded mod is also for onboard cams, just another game. And now... you overtake me, I'm at 11005. :D
Thanks for your kind words, gamer19.
I've not been active on F1 2014 lately, sorry. But your camera mod looks awesome. I'll try it later.
And I'm also glad to share the camera Mods with each other.
Thanks again! :)
Nice work. Btw you dont have to convert the files back to make them work. As normal xml they still work and I use that to tweak bonnet position settings :)
Thanks for your comment and suggestion, robnitro.
I used the old way that I've been accustomed to. I'll try it next time.
Thanks again! :)
Thanx! I was afraid to edit the cam by myself like in F1 2014. I remember how much work that was to figure out the tools and values. But luckily I found this mod before and it´s just perfect!
Thanks for your kind comment, bolz3r.
I'm glad to hear the Mod worked for you, too. :)
Codemasters next official update is almost there. And I'll keep updating the Mod as long as I can.
Thanks again! :)
Hey man,

It's for these types of Quality of life-game-improving mods that i love the community. Great work!

If I want to test for errors, and or revert to default vanilla views - is there anyway to uninstall it? :)

Thanks in advance!
Thanks for your comment and kind words, John.
Unfortunately, there is no way to uninstall the Mod. We have to restore the default file(s) from the backup manually.
I've uploaded the default cameras.xml files on "Support" forum of this Mod. Please check my latest post on "Support" forum.
Hope this helps. And please let me know if I missed out something.
Thank you! :)
Finally I'm able to adjust the seat where it needs to be! Thanks!
Thanks for your comment, Fleskebacon.
I need it myself. And I'm glad to share it with you and everyone! :)
this just made the game playable for me thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your comment, GMcA_74.
I'm also glad to hear the Mod worked for you! :)
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