Mini Classic Rallycross - BK Racing (GRID, Fictional Livery) 1.0

Fictional "BK Racing" livery for Mini Classic Rallycross inspired by "Mustang GT-R" in "GRID".

  1. Tommi-TAG
    I like "BK Racing Mustang" livery in "Race Driver GRID" and edited this skin for "Mini Classic Rallycross" (very fun to drive car).
    This is a very simple livery though I'm glad you like it, too. :)


    - Fictional "BK Racing" livery for Mini Classic Rallycross (Rallycross Classic Class) inspired by "Mustang GT-R Concept - O'BRIEN Motorsport" livery in "Race Driver GRID".

    - 4K resolution textures included, based on Codemasters original format.

    - This Mod replaces "#32 EBC Brakes" car.

    (For further information, please refer to the Readme included.)

    - I could not find an online game and have not tested this Mod online yet.
    If this Mod does not work online, please use the default files.


    Video - Preview


    * Codemasters *
    - Thanks to Codemasters for "DiRT Rally" game.

    * Petar Tasev (aka Ryder25) *
    - Thanks to Petar Tasev for "EGO PSSG Editor".

    * Dave Noonan (SimGarage) *
    - Thanks to Dave Noonan for 3DSimED (Car Viewer)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Vangelis Parginos
    Vangelis Parginos
    Version: 1.0
    Another great work from you buddy. Thank you so much.
    1. Tommi-TAG
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your kind words as always, pargiNOS.
      I edited this livery for my video first. This is a well-known livery for GRID fans, but not for others. I thought of keeping this private, but decided to share it for other GRID & DiRT Rally fans.
      Once again, I appreciate you for your kindness, my dear friend. :)
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