BMW M Sport F1 Team [FOM]

BMW M Sport F1 Team [FOM] 2019-12-14

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This mod contains a BMW livery replacing Alfa Romeo with FOM chassis.

I decided to make this livery after seeing a BMW F1 concept
from SeanBull:
bmw concept sean bull.jpg

How is the mod:

F1 2019 Screenshot 2019.12.14 -
F1 2019 Screenshot 2019.12.14 -
F1 2019 Screenshot 2019.12.14 -

F1 2019 Screenshot 2019.12.14 -

Hope you enjoy this mod!


Latest reviews

Graet livery. I wish for a full team
I love the paint of this its done rly good. Any chance we get a full team pack at some point? would be awesome to have the full BMW Experience back in F1
Amazing skin!! I think it's one of Sean Bull's best designs, I really appreciate the effort to bring it to F1 2019.

I don't know if you knew this but there is a skin with this same design for Assetto Corsa and I wish there was such a skin in the Codemasters game!

Very good work, I'm surprised it didn't have any scores, you deserve it!
Thank you so much, I did know about the skin in Assetto Corsa, it helped me a lot to make this one for F1

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