f1 2019 mod

  1. Charles Leclerc's Pole Lap at Spa | 2019 Belgian Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Charles Leclerc's Pole Lap at Spa | 2019 Belgian Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Go onboard with Charles Leclerc at Spa as he takes his third pole position of the 2019 season in dominant fashion.If you enjoyed the video and this is the fi...
  2. FIRST LOOK: New Mandalika Street Circuit! [With Download Link!] | #assettocorsa

    FIRST LOOK: New Mandalika Street Circuit! [With Download Link!] | #assettocorsa

    [ID]Naiklah bersama mantan test driver Toro Rosso Sean Gelael dengan Toro Rosso STR14 miliknya untuk melakukan putaran panas di Sirkuit Jalan Internasional M...
  3. Balkan_Guy

    Realistic Ferrari Engine Sound Mod 1

    This aims to bring your playing experience to higher level by hearing the engine sound better, more aggressive. And improved pitch tone.
  4. stingingvortex

    Trippy Anaconda Art Helmet 1.0

    Hi Everyone I had the idea to make a Fantasy Helmet for your own character in Career mode :) I went with a rather colorful & out of the ordinary look in the making of this helmet. For more info on the installation please see attached link to the video submitted by Krisdix * This tutorial will...
  5. jburon72

    [F1 2019 Classis Cars] 2008 Redbull Racing F1 -RB4- 1.0.1

    2008 Redbull Racing RB4 MOD DETAILS Version 1.0.1 -2 version of liveries - Version A [3 colored lines on the rear wing] - Version B [Redbull roduct on the rear wing and bargeboard] - UV map limitations ends up with the ff: - Missing white paint on the lower rearwing - Missing the...
  6. jburon72

    [F1 2019 Classis Cars] 2008 Scuderia Tororosso STR3 1.0.1

    MOD DETAILS Version 1.0.1 - Tororosso STR3 livery replacing Mclaren MP4-23 for classis races - Bridgestone logo is mirror [lower front of rear wheel] - a slightly modified steeringwheel - Accuracy is limited to the UV map of the MP4-23 car model IMPORTANT - You can't post Time Trial record...
  7. jburon72

    2019 Redbull Racing Urban Camo Livery 1.0.1

    MOD DETAILS Version 1.0.1 - Urban Camo Livery for Redbull RB15 - Original Redbull Chassis - Design is not 100% accurate due to texture mapping limitations - Complete numbers for career mode IMPORTANT - You can't post Time Trial record online - Please read the included text for installation...
  8. DaddeRaga

    F1 2019 Official Track map intros 1.0

    F1 2019 Official Track Intros The .zip file you will download here will contain instructions on how to download the real .zip file, as the mod folder's size is more than the limit of Race Department upload manager. (It will be a MEGA link). To install just copy the "F1 2019" folder from the...
  9. GuiihRamos

    McLaren Livery tribute to Ayrton Senna 2019-12-14

    This mod contains a McLaren Senna livery replacing McLaren with FOM chassis. I decided to make this livery after seeing a McLaren from SeanBull: How is the mod: Hope you enjoy this mod!
  10. GuiihRamos

    BMW M Sport F1 Team [FOM] 2019-12-14

    This mod contains a BMW livery replacing Alfa Romeo with FOM chassis. I decided to make this livery after seeing a BMW F1 concept from SeanBull: How is the mod: Hope you enjoy this mod!
  11. Jhonathan Tibola

    F1 2019 V8 HYBRID ENGINE MOD 1.0

    install mode is quite simple: Copy the bundles folder to \ steam \ steamapps \ common \ F1 2019 \ audio \ 2019. Don't forget to back up your original files before installing ... total credits: Ace9921 to f1 2017 files
  12. K

    F1 2019 Changing appearance of steering wheel

    Is there a way to change appearance of steering wheel? E.g I'm in ferrari but I want to have steering wheel of merc. I already tried to swap textures of wheels in erp archavier but that doesnt work..or I'm doing something wrong..how to do it?
  13. F1Anime

    F1 2019 Combine Anime with Motorsport

    @jburon72 Sorry if I mentoined you, but I came up with the 'Anime' idea as I'm a fan of Anime. Could the One Punch Man Saitama suit replace Nikita Mazepin's suit? The Anime-Motorsport meme by f1_weebs / Miku Hakkinen example:
  14. F1Anime

    F1 2019 Pink and Ice Blue tyres replacing Red and Yellow tyres

    Can someone else use Pink and Ice Blue tyres to replace Red and Yellow tyres?
  15. F1Anime

    F1 2019 Jordan Livery (replaces Racing Point / Wish someone would make it)

    What would happen if Midland, Spyker, Force India and Racing Point names never existed? I would like someone else to make that livery with 3 diffrent sponsors: 1'st one: The Benson & Hedges one 2'nd one: Goodsmile Company (fantasy sponsor) 3'rd one: VYPE (E-cigarette brand) Alongside with...
  16. F1Anime

    F1 2019 What will happen if every team were powered by V10 engines?

    Probably a V10 mod for every team for F1 will be awesome. Mercedes/Racing Point/Williams > Mercedes 1998 V10 Ferrari/Alfa Romeo/Haas > Ferrari 2004 V10 Red Bull/Toro Rosso > Honda 1990 V10 Renault/McLaren > Renault 1996 V10 What will happen when V10 engines were in 2019 cars? Will Williams was...
  17. GuiihRamos

    Panasonic Jaguar Racing F1 Team 2019-09-13

    Hello everyone, I am Brazilian and I do not have much knowledge of English, so I apologize for possible and probable writing errors. This is one of my first modding work in F1, I had the idea of making a fantasy career in my game, I thought of implementing new teams in the grid that already...
  18. jburon72

    Andwerdesign BMW 19 Hybrid – FOM Car – 1.0.1

    NOTE - This mod uses the FOM car. If you never like chassis swap or the FOM car, don't download as you will never like it. MOD DETAILS - My version of Andwerdesign BMW 19 Hybrid for F1 2019. - Replaces Alfa Romeo [Sauber] - all numbers are modded - This uses the FOM chassis - car only -...
  19. Aitze

    Lando Norris' helmet for 2019 Italian GP 1.0

    Lando Norris' helmet for 2019 Italian GP You can use this for your own mods/videos as long as I get credited. If you have any problems, post them to support tab or message me at twitter, not to reviews, thank you.
  20. T

    F1 2019 Modding team.vtf.xml files

    I'm trying to disable R&D progression by modifying the upgrade values in each team's vtf file. This seems pretty straightforward, for the most part. For example, I've changed: <Upgrade name="radUpgradeFrontDownforce"> <F1Aero> <m_aero_front_cl_maxf_maxr value="1.1" op="*" />...