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BLM Lights

BLM Lights 1.16

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In order to use the app you MUST have the Custom Shaders Patch installed

Settings (content manager > settings > apps > BLM Lights):

If you want to build lights for tracks or make changes, choose one of the DEVELOPER styles

With Presets Per Mode you can choose, for each game mode, the user interface to be used:

You can use hotkeys (can be edited in the settings) to:
  • Enable/Disable lights (ALT + L)
  • Change lights level (ALT + M)
  • Change brightness level (ALT + B)
  • Change car brightness level (ALT + C)
  • Enable/Disable vertex a.o. (ALT + V)
  • Enable/Disable digital flags (ALT + F)
  • Enable/Disable wet road effects (ALT + T)
Something from variuos updates:
  • You can switch between three different lights level (if built by the tracklights' creators). This way you can turn on as much lights as you like or as your system supports
Video as an end user:
There already are several tracks that support multilevel lights so take a look at the CSP Discord Library!

Building Lights
Lights debug tool

Should you ever wanted to offer me a (cold) beer :thumbsup:
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Latest updates

  1. Added the possibility to avoid using the app with selected tracks

    ver. 1.16 Now you can disable the app for selected tracks just add the list of the tracks (a...
  2. Now handles ext_config.ini too

    ver. 1.15.2 Now also handles configurations that come with tracks as...
  3. Other fixes for duplicated options and for previuos broken config

    ver. 1.14 Other fixes for duplicated options Tries to fix previous configurations that had been...
  4. Fixes and improvements

    First of all, sorry for being away so long and for having not updated the app after the CSP has...
  5. Fixes and improvements

    First of all, sorry for being away so long and for having not updated the app after the CSP has...

Latest reviews

Crashes anytime I load the track in something that isn't compact mode.

"Error might have something to do with:

AC\gamescreen.cpp (33): ksgui::GameScreen::render
AC\gui.cpp (190): ksgui::GUI::doRender2D
AC\game.cpp (140): Game::onIdle
AC\game.cpp (210): Game::run
AC\acs.cpp (477): wWinMain
f:\dd\vctools\crt\crtw32\dllstuff\crtexe.c (618): __tmainCRTStartup"

Run in conjunction with 0.1.46 of custom shaders, dev aps enabled.
As I wrote you in the support thread, send me your logs. hmmm, rather not, just delete the app
0k Gracias
I found it can't be used in the video, can it be improved?
Fantastic work man, thanks!
A life saver app, getting better and better all the time, thank you so much
Astonishing as always. Many thanks.
Thanks for the update again mate ! This is really a MUST have... ;-)
Many thanks again.
Thanks for the updates and colors presets Blamer
This game is forever different because of people like you. Thank you and don't be sorry!
First rate, excellent work, as always. Thank you.
Thanks heaps mate , appreciate you work and updates :)
Everything's great...except for when I have the setting on the left on (looks like signal bars.) It turns the grass, foliage, and the like to grey/white. Any help would be great.
A must needed app.
MODers like you and Ilja are the ones who keep AC as number 1
Thank you Blamer.
Thanks for the update Blamer. Could you also post the updated BLM Times app here on Racedepartment?!?!
yes, maybe tomorrow. still something to be done
Great app!
Thanks for the update!
Quite a handy little tool
Thx a lot
Thank you so much for updating your fantastic app that quick.
No support from the author according to the man himself, no help with an issue i had, no help when i asked simply how to uninstall so i could install it again as i had a game breaking issue... horrible to use, clunky mess can mess up the great work of Shaders light patch and sol....
You're so funny!
Great work fantastic thx
fantastic thanks

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