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It's still missing something - like a resizable UI - but I'm not going to have enough free time to work on my apps anymore (nor to make a better intro...), so I decided to share my work with you anyway.

I had modified splits app by Murilo Faria (credits to him for his great initial work) years ago because it was abandoned and had problems with invalid laps/splits, resetting times, wasn't aligned to Kunos splits, etc.
Then I added a few things:
  • Laptimes
  • Delta (from best session time for now, I'll add delta to best time)
  • Deltabars
    • The upper linear deltabar is referred to the absolute time, so if you're gaining it'll be green, red if you're losing time, grey if unchanged
    • The lower deltabar can be linear or graph and shows if you're currently (a few times per second) gaining or losing time

  • A laptime (with splits) list app that you can open clicking on the icon in the taskbar or on the laps section in the main UI

The User Interface can be compact or extended, change it by clicking on the right side switch. If you're using a compact UI, it opens up to extended for a few seconds after each sector. You can disable this in the settings.
From here (content manager > settings > apps > BLM Times) you can customize a lot of things like all of the colors, the width of the linear deltabars, the hotkeys (enable them if you want to use 'em), ...

That's it, I hope you'll like this new app.
Bye for now!

Should you ever wanted to offer me a (cold) beer :thumbsup:
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Latest updates

  1. fixes, performance improvements, pedals bars, delta map

    Sorry, I had packed a not up-to-date settings file, thanks @Leonardo Ratafiá for helping me...
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Latest reviews

Very good and unique app with that delta map. Love it!
Thanks as always Blamer. A great app to go with your other great apps!
Great app, and update!
top apps !
The delta bar is built the same way as the map over a few clean laps?

Regardless, I really like using this app! Thank you for sharing.
it works with kunos deltas, so it needs a clean lap to cofront to. It will compare deltas to best times in a next update.
Thanks for your review
great app
Been able to use it for few months, then it suddenly started making the game crash everytime for whatever reason

Besides that, I think it only misses the predicted time (as the AC stock app does) of the current lap, then it's really a 5 star app.
It makes AC crash just after loading all cars
It's a feature!
You could have asked for help in the support but... nevermind
Very nice for a retired guy.
Works very nicely