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Battle of Sweden for Race07

This is a scratch made fictional series taking place just before the 1990's.
It tries to get an answer to the ancient question; which one is the best in Sweden, SAAB or Volvo?

Volvo PV - short for "Volvo Personvagnar Aktiebolag".
SAAB-Scania (AB) - a fusion between SAAB and truck manufacturer Scania between 1968 and 1995.

Engine power, weight, gear ratios, suspension, springs, weight distribution and other parts are replicated as close as possible to resemble the real cars.
Setup is limited to tyre pressure, camber, toe in, brake pressure, brake bias, a few springs and anti-roll bars.
I have also tried to replicate the original factory colors from 1989.


* The Volvo 740 Turbo cars has got a limited slip differential brake and upgraded chassis (both were available upgrades when buying the car).

Factory colors:

Silvergrön - Silver green
Mellanröd - Middlered
Vit - White. (This car resembles my own first car, a white 1987 Volvo 740 GLE with GLT rear wing.)
Mörkgrå - Dark gray
Gul - Yellow
Ljusblå - Light blue

Might also be included later:
Benvit - Off white
Kungsblå - Royal blue


* The SAAB 900 Turbo cars has got 70kg BOP compensation weight, but it is still the lighter car.

Factory colors:

T8 grå - Gray
Cherryröd - Cherry red
Svart - Black
Malakitgrön - Malachite green


Some limitations:
Windscreen wipers does not work (at least not for now), because the shapes of the windscreens are so different from everything else in the game.
There are no driver hands and legs in cockpit view, because the road car steering wheels are too big for the animations it seems.





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  1. ID fixes and collision feelers

    * Update: Changed class and cars IDs, Added collision feelers

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This mod is for Race 07
I can't find the cars. I installed the mod correctly but they aren't appearing on the car select screen
Maybe a simple question, but have you had a look in the other classes in the game? If there are a class ID conflict with some other mod, the cars might show up in that mod.