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Super Touring TrackUpdates Pack

Super Touring TrackUpdates Pack 1.3

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Super Touring TrackUpdates Pack
These are track updates that adds super touring versions of the tracks to the game.
The tracks are edited to fit the cars in the AL Super Touring Seasons mod as good as possible for now.

Unzip into race 07 folder



The tracks are based on:
* Oulton_2005 (Edited ai fastlanes and drivingzones to better fit the ST cars. Made the curbs less bouncy and smoothed a big bump at Dentons. Updated materials, textures, fog and light settings. Added a simple version of Fosters.)
* Snetterton_2005 or Snetterton_Full (Edited ai fastlanes to better fit the ST cars, fixed pit error that made some cars just driving through the pitlane. Updated a few materials, horizon and fog and light settings.)
* Knockhill (Edited ai fastlanes to better fit the ST cars and edited some materials, textures, fog, light and the horizon to work better with rain weather. )
* Donington (Converted GTR2 track mod. Fixed garage positions and fog and light settings and some fastlane adjustments. Updated materials and light settings)
* BritishGP (Add-on Silverstone track-mod. Fixed fuel usage so the cars will not stop on track during testing but return to the pits. Updated materials and some texture updates to resemble how it looked in the 90's)

* Removed pitmarshal animation from track animation.
* Removed static pitcrews (use pitcrew patch instead).

V 1.2
* Oulton Park has got a lot of minor updates
* Croft track has had some minor tweaks
* Snetterton track has got a few tweaks

V 1.1
* Fixed (hopefully) some cut track warning errors at Oulton Park Fosters
* Added Croft ST. This is a WIP update to Croft 07 by motorfx and some elements from other versions (I think).
ALL credits for this track goes to the original author(s), I just wanted to adjust it to fit my cars, and more work is needed and planned for that.

V 1.0
* New crowds at Oulton Park
* Modified aiw-files to adress the annoying ai swerving at Oulton Park
* Decreased track width at Oulton Park
* Ai should be just a little bit faster at Oulton park and Snetterton.
* Some big track bumps at Oulton Park have been reduced.
* A few minor graphical updated. Added Oulton Park background texture.

V 0.99
* Added pit marshall when leaving garage.
* Added some pitcrews and some more race track rubber to Oulton Park
* New track loading images for Knockhill and Oulton Park
* Updated textures for Snetterton
* Adjusted materials and lights for Knockhill to look better in rain.
* Original Snetterton, Knockhill and Oulton tracks are no longer needed for this track pack, but the credits for those tracks still goes to their authors.

V 0.98
* Updated fuel usage calculation for ai cars at Snetterton

V 0.97
* Updated fuel usage calculation for ai cars for Donington
* Added simple loading screen for Knockhill

V 0.96
* Added missing water cubemap for Oulton

V 0.95
* Added support for Snetterton_Full and fixed some errors


This track pack is still a modification of the tracks to fit my Super Touring cars.
All the credits for these tracks goes to their makers mentioned in their readme files. I have no desire in any way to steal or take credit for their work.

This file is made to be uploaded at Racedepartment.com, and should not be uploaded anywhere else.


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Latest updates

  1. Removed animations that are no longer needed

    V1.3 * Removed pitmarshal animation from track animation. * Removed static pitcrews (use pitcrew...
  2. General improvements, mainly to Oulton Park

    * Oulton Park has got a lot of minor updates * Croft track has had some minor tweaks *...
  3. Updated for new Super Touring UI

    V 1.1 * Fixed (hopefully) some cut track warning errors at Oulton Park Fosters * Added Croft ST...

Latest reviews

On the par at least, if not better, with the more recent sims.
Cadwell Park would be nice addition :)
Another nice update from Andreas, coupled with his Super Touring Cars mod just brings back the heady 90's days of Toca. A splendid job on the tracks and AI.
Great fix, thank you !
Incredible mod, and you keep updating it, thank you!!
Its great to see this still getting fixes etc. But in my game, in Oulton park the cars go bonkers, in second curve at the start but also the curve before mainstraight at least, some of the cars start to weave from side to side and others just crash on them etc. I know BTCC was and is sometimes carnage, but this is just something weird... Ir was like that before and still is.
There is something strange with that track, and has been since the first version (have you tried that version?). I have reduced ai flipping over and the side to side thing as much as I can, but this is the best I can do so far. The problem seems to be that if the cars get too far from the racing line they "panic" and steer towards the racing line. But they go too fast and steer too much, resulting in them passing the racing line and having to do the same thing again from the other side of the racing line.
Super good mod and author keeps it updated. But only problem that prevents me from giving it a 5 star is, whatever I do I can't play on Silverstone tracks. I start a championship then can't continue because Silverstone cannot be found. Or I select Silverstone to practice but game crashes. I hope I can find a fix for it.
Loving all the updates to the tracks, didn't think they could be improved, I was wrong. Great Job.
Thx. All Problems solved. :-)
Thanks for improving these great tracks.
Thank you. Nice Work!

Is it possible that you name the links to the tracks needed. Have problems to get the right ones.
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