AL Super Touring Seasons 2.11

Super Touring Cars

  1. AndreasFSC

    trackpack8.jpg trackpack6.jpg trackpack5.jpg trackpack4.jpg trackpack3.jpg trackpack2.jpg trackpack1.jpg

    This is a graphical update of my first ever mod 'AL Super Touring' for the Race07 series.
    I had to build and learn everything from scratch to make the mod. It was 'learning by doing',
    and it resulted in a little bit messy mod, so I've tidied it up.

    You need the STCC addons from Simbin to get the sound of some of the cars.
    If you don't have STCC installed, you can just replace the .aud files with a file from a car you have.

    This is NOT a TOCA2 conversion, everything in the mod is made from scratch.
    Please don't change anything in this mod without my permission.

    Before installing this update, please delete the old version including talent files.

    Some tips for changes in the .plr file that can improve your Race07 + this mod:
    (the .plr file is usually located in C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\UserData\*PROFILENAME*)

    Steer Ratio Speed="0.00000" // Speed at which low speed steering lock override ends. Default: 25.00000
    Compressed Textures="0" // Can give better framerate than "1"
    AI Power Calibration="0" // Adjustments with AI strength (0=none, or add the following: 1=power, 2=gearing, 4=fuel)
    AI Max Load="40000.00000"
    AI to AI Collision Rate="40" // Detection rate per second (1-40) for AI-to-AI collisions
    Player Car Equal="0" // Might have something to do with ai catch-up

    What's new:
    V. 2.11
    * Just a few minor corrections (Volvo s40 '99 car name and 2 car icons)

    V. 2.10
    * Tweaked almost everything slightly for faster and better ai-behaviour.
    Talent: Better traction controll, faster in rain
    Tyres: Minor tweaks, rain tyres lasts longer
    Physics: Less AITorqueStab., higher ai damper and suspension calculations, and a lot of minor setup and damage tweaks.
    * New working pitstop tape (works in race, but is not updated in replay), and new windows material and color.
    * Updated car names.
    * Changed car ID's to better avoid conflicts, but there will probably be some conflicts anyway.
    * Some resculpting and smoothing of the shapes of the cars, a few new parts and some materials updates.
    * More consistent letter sizes on windows.
    * Added Super Touring Reloaded '95, Super Touring Reloaded '00, and two more privateers in '96.
    * Updated some of the lower detail dashes.
    * Removed the simulator. There will be a new different one as an add-on.
    * Also removed the track updates. These will be a separate file aswell.
    * Removed some unnecessary cars in the 'seasons' classes for the same reason.

    V. 2.05
    * This is an update to the ai behavour with new .aiw files for some tracks and a better ai understanding of how much grip is available.
    This results in less ai spins and swerving when knocked of track.
    * Higher ai damper calculation
    * Some minor fixes

    V. 2.0
    * Renamed some folders to fix some loading issues, so please delete the old folders belonging to this mod in '..\race 07\Gamedata\Teams'
    before installing this update.
    * Updated tyre pressure and tweaked tyre files.
    Removed as many 'cheats' in the tyre files as possible and compensated it with car setup
    All tyres (front, back, fwd, rwd, 4wd) now uses the same grip, curves, slip angle
    Removed AI front grip bias, so braking grip is more fair AI vs. player
    * Tweaked ai throttle controll
    * The AI cars now look further ahead at low speeds, which reduces swerving when trying to get back on racing line
    * Removed different spring rate for AI
    * Tweaked Oulton Park .aiw files for new car physics
    * Tweaked downforce balance more to the front for FWD cars
    * New/updated suspension geometry for most of the cars to represent the different styles.
    Also recalculated and adjusted roll centers for better handling
    But there are limits to what can be done (the game seams to be made for double wishbone suspension).
    * New standard setups to fit the new tyres and physics
    * Tweaked talent files for more randomness in the game results.
    * Added Ford Mondeo Mk1 liftback
    * Added Ford Sierra Sapphire by request. This is a conversion of a model made by Jalonso, sent by TOTO090369.
    I have edited, resculpted and optimized the model a little to better fit Race 07.
    The car has just one simplified livery.
    * Added some new car parts
    * Edited materials for smoother specular light
    * A lot of minor texture fixes
    * Added Super Touring Reloaded '96
    + A lot more...

    V. 1.9
    * A lot of minor bug fixes and polishing
    * Tweaked physics for all cars, including new suspension geometry.
    The suspensions are now more like the real ST cars, and also prevent the strange turning slightly to the left when accelerating problem.
    Also updated simplified ai dampers and increased ai calculation so the ai cars don't flip over that easily.
    * Some balance of performance for the cars has been made, but can still be improved
    * Reworked tyres and textures for rain tyres
    * Some setup files for ai cars have been added
    * Updated aiw (ai cars driving file) for some of the btcc tracks available. Please make a copy of your original .aiw files for the tracks first.
    They are in the 'Track updates' directory, and should be placed in the tracks (Locations) folders manualy.
    The files includes new racing lines that suits the cars slightly better and new pit and garage positions to prevent the cars from hitting walls
    when exiting garage. Also tried to keep the ai cars out of some problem areas at Oulton park to decrease 'stupid ai swerving'.
    * Tweaked talents files to have faster ai cars and more variation in race results
    * Added updated and resculpted Chrysler Stratus, originaly made by Ruben Denoso
    * Finally added Super Touring Reloaded '97. The skins for most of the cars are originaly made by Alexander Hederby and some privateer skins are made by Simon Gardner.
    I have made a few skins and edited the others to fit updated cars and templates. Some new parts and versions of the cars has been made to fit the '97 season.
    A new helmet visor has also been added.
    * Also added Super Touring Reloaded '99, made by me.

    Because of the new structure and some other changes, addons made by others will not work with this update to begin with.
    Sorry for that.

    1. Unzip 'Gamedata' and 'UIData' to your Race 07 directory (Steam version)

    2 (OPTIONAL) There is also a Jaguar safety car in this mod. If you want to activate it (it will replace all the standard safety cars,
    but the activation can easily be reverted) open your ...race 07\Gamedata\Teams\TrackVehicles\Safetycar folder,
    open all the .car files and follow the instructions.

    Beta testing, feedback, suggestions etc: baika, Marc Majnes, qwerty24, Sven Hielscher, rosh555, mr.t., TOTO090369, Mike Davidson, Matthew Roberts, Arne Dopudja

    qwerty24 for new updated dashes to most of the cars
    G├╝nthar Rowe for useful support when making AL Super Touring mod
    Ryan Callan for providing an engine torque graph.
    Knut Omdal Tvieto for providing downforce information
    BTCC-style numbers font by DrummerGuy33
    All skins were remade for this mod, but some details were copied from skins sent from Simon Gardner, Alexander Hederby, Mark Gormley and Pat O'Reilly
    Gear box sounds by Jandri, sent to me by Simon Gardner
    And, of course, Simbin for the game:)

    /Andreas Larsson,

Recent Reviews

  1. elvis feet
    elvis feet
    Version: 2.11
    Very nice work. No issues at all. Really brings back my old game. Thanks
  2. SVP Skins
    SVP Skins
    Version: 2.10
    Best update yet Andreas. Great work as always
  3. GermansInAction
    Version: 2.10
    Vielen Dank! Gro├čartige Arbeit. :-)
  4. Geroppa Geroore
    Geroppa Geroore
    Version: 2.05
    Very good
  5. Jonno2854
    Version: 2.05
    Excellent work
  6. Mickdrs
    Version: 2.05
    Toca is back
  7. Paul Jeffrey
    Paul Jeffrey
    Version: 2.05
    Absolutely bloody brilliant. Arguably my all time favourite mod. Thank you so much !
  8. LukeBTCC
    Version: 2.05
    Fantastic mod, hours of fun
  9. MysticReverie
    Version: 2.05
    Looks good, but FAR to complicated to install.
    You mean literally unzip game date to gamedata folder? I dont think so. I think I need to make sure each file goes in the correct folder. Can some kind chap make a tutorial video for people like me ?
  10. ieu!
    Version: 1.95
    I must say thanks for the amazing mod. This alone is an open love letter for one of the greatest periods of motorsport.
  11. Alan Smith
    Alan Smith
    Version: 1.9
    Pretty good update. Having an issue with the AIW files making tracks disappear from the game but I'm sure that's something on my end. AI go a bit odd occasionally at some tracks but is to be expected. Models are fantastic, attention to detail is spot on (Can say 100% for the Primera 97 since it's at our uni). Excellent mod and best of luck for the Future :D
  12. Dr. Fischie
    Dr. Fischie
    Version: 1.7.1
    Really great mod. Really impressive work but I found a bug in 1.7.
    The Renault Laguna isn't driving a straight line, it's always going a bit left. Fells like the wheel isn't in a neutral position.
  13. carlos quintao
    carlos quintao
    Version: 1.7.1
    Wonderfull update
    Play Race 07 and this mod for a long time still play it and looks an feels so good now.
    Would be a very good addition to ASSETTO CORSA
  14. Marc Majnes
    Marc Majnes
    Version: 1.7.1
    just keeps getting better and better !
  15. Sven Hielscher
    Sven Hielscher
    Version: 1.7
    It's one of the most impressive projects for this sill very amazing game! Update 1.7 makes the mod and game even greater!
  16. SVP Skins
    SVP Skins
    Version: 1.7
    Stunning update.
  17. Test.Pilot
    Version: 1.4
    5 stars bro, 5 Stars
  18. batknight
    Version: 1.3
    All the time and effort put in for us gamers to enjoy for free. Thanks for your dedication and valuable time.
  19. exbocks
    Version: 1.2.5
    Wonderful work. Great quality. Thank you!
  20. theravenousbeast
    Version: 1.2
    Great mod, especially considering the bulk of the mod has been done by one person. This 1.2 update in my opinion finally updates the visuals to GTR2/Race 07 standards.
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