1. Chottue

    turbo brick (group 4) - Swedish Classics GP 1

    This is a "Speed Zebra" livery from Swedish Classics GP for turbo brick (group 4). Thank you so much Toucan for taking some pictures for me! :inlove: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group 4\turbo brick
  2. Alkie38

    Saab Spotify F1 (My Team) Full Teamwear Package Modular Mods 1.01

    After securing major team sponsorship from Swedish music giants Spotify, SAAB has entered the F1 battle for 2023... Included are the following: Car Driver Suit Driver Helmet Pit Crew Race Crew Umbrella Monitor Big thanks to Maian & especially mkramer0820 for all his work with the team...
  3. S

    Saab 9000 0.01

    I am posting this Saab 9000 as open-source initial model that includes most assets necessary to port it into most games, for example Assetto Corsa. NOTE: current state of this project is: only viewable in Blender! It is now completely open source, so anyone is free to modify it as needed...
  4. CristianSDB


  5. AndreasFSC

    Battle of Sweden 0.96

    Battle of Sweden for Race07 ----------------------------------------- V 0.96: Edited a few car body materials to work better with Reloaded shaders. If you don't want to use them I recommend using V0.95 instead. This is a scratch made fictional series taking place just before the 1990's. It...
  6. DrLimerep

    SAAB 99 Turbo skins + lighting fix 0.95

    Here are all official paint options for the Saab 99 Turbo, now that the old WKmod conversion has been updated. Includes interior options and two variants of Turbo stickers. And as a bonus, I have corrected the instrument lighting with a proper green hue and red dials as well as added a 70s style...