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Baddest Motors Tetley Livery - RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021

Baddest Motors Tetley Livery - RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 1.3

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Baddest Motors is a fictonal car company run by Mr. Baddest One with the aim of becoming World Champion. The only thing he likes more than racing, is showing off his love of tea.

This is his car:

__custom_showroom_1586003943.jpg __custom_showroom_1586003918.jpg __custom_showroom_1586003893.jpg __custom_showroom_1586003884.jpg

Purple Tyres? Get these.

Hopefully you enjoy the livery!

RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021:

Latest updates

  1. Small Changes

    Updates - Better Suits and Gloves - Moved Numbers ans Sponsors - Reduced File Size - Wheel LEDs
  2. New Front Wing and Pirelli Tyres

    I've added custom Pirelli Tyres (All 3 Compounds) as well as replacing the "Hybrid X" Logo with...
  3. Added Second Car for Baddest Motors

    Added a Teammate for Baddest One to make it a full F1 style entry.

Latest reviews

*Nigel Thornberry voice* Smashing!
I like tea and I love great looking fantasy liveries. thanks!
This car is perfect for fantasy skins
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17.6 MB
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5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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