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Pirelli Tyres - RSS Formula Hybrid X

Pirelli Tyres - RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022

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2022 Pirelli F1 Tyres

Just an update on the original tyres I posted for the FHX 2021. This time I've also added the wet compounds, as they're now usable with the updated car. They're based on the IRL car that F1 showcased at silverstone, with a few details carried over form the original RSS Tyres.


To Install:
Copy the "content" folder into your "assettocorsa" folder.

If you want to copy a compound to a specific skin, go into the "Tyre_Colours" Folder and copy the tyres you want into the desired skin folder.


Feel free to use them for your skins, just make sure to link back to this. ;)

Thanks to RSS for the cool update, and to everyone who downloaded. :thumbsup:

RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021:

Latest updates

  1. Update for the FHX 2022

    All 5 Dry Compounds + Inter & Wet

Latest reviews

Nice =)
The last V4 version has wet compound. Could you upgrade?
Great job! Can you do for the 2020 RSS mod?
i dont have that car sadly
Thank you, is it possible to make Michelin or Bridgestone tires ? Fictiv' mod so….. ,)
i think there's some custom liveries on here that have them
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