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  1. sickopaul

    URD Moyoda Hypercar GR010 - Toyota Gazoo Racing / Castrol Concept- #10 / #11 1.1

    Presenting the Toyota GR Castrol concept livery for the Toyota GR010 Hypercar, competing in the WEC. The inspiration comes from one of the @SeanBullDesign F1 2022 concpet designs. Drivers were chosen upon personal preference, mixing up the existing groups and bringing back Fernando Alonso Car...
  2. SeanBullDesign

    RSS Formula Hybrid 21 - Lotus F1 Livery -Sean Bull Design 01

    2021 Lotus F1 Livery Concept Classic Lotus colours and a minimalist Livery design inspired by the cars of the 60's Livery by Sean Bull design, and adapted for in game use by Tom Eddie: @Ferrari2016 First of a few uploads for the RSS cars coming so enjoy!
  3. R

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 simhub dash 1

    My first try of creating a dashboard for the RSS 2021 Hybrid in assetto corsa.
  4. Lechat44

    Formula x Hybrid | Aston martin 2022 | F1 2022 AMR Skin 1

    Hello, i make this skins for the pleasure, isn't very really but it's beautiful.
  5. AlexBfromG

    Nissan GT-R LM NISMO Test Car 1.0

    im back with skinning. enjoy.
  6. Cozy61

    Instructions for F1 Monaco with RSS FH 2021 data.acd (Safe hairpin and chicanes 100% AI Strength) 1.0

    Instructions for Monaco of RSS FH 2021 data.acd (Safe hairpin and chicanes 100% AI Strength) EDIT: 29/03/2021- Following a request from Race Sim Studio I have removed the data.acd files from the download The new updated version is instructions only and does not include the original or amended...
  7. Cozy61

    RSS FH 2021 - F1 2021 Full Season ‘Custom Championship' 1.0g

    Hi Simracers and F1 fans 10 -12 Sept 2021 - Monza up next Revised Schedule plus Zandvoort, Spa, Hungaroring, and Monza Tracks updated - I have updated the SON Season Champs file only to reflect the latest changes to the F1 2021 schedule other versions Engine and Season have original schedule...
  8. dham97

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 Dash [SimHub] 1.1

  9. Qtaro

    Aston Martin AMR21 for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 2.2

    Aston Martin skin for the RSS FH2021 car. Includes ACSPRH helmets and driver suits. To install, drag the "content" folder from the zip file to: steamapps\common\assettocorsa Credits: ACSPRH https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acsprh-real-helmets-for-assetto-corsa.26805/ Helmets...
  10. Qtaro

    Aston Martin AMR21 (Lime Accent) for RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 v1.5

    Comes in 2 variants: Pink, and no-BWT lime. 2021 season helmets are included in the car along with Aston Martin driver suits. ACSPRH (required): https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acsprh-real-helmets-for-assetto-corsa.26805/ More pics:
  11. dham97

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 Dashboard 1.0

    This is a direct replica of the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 dash and features a ERS mode pop up and brake bias pop up.
  12. Istanbul Is Back! | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 | Assetto Corsa

    Istanbul Is Back! | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 | Assetto Corsa

    Game: Assetto Corsa Car: RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 Track: Istanbul Park MOD DOWNLOAD: http://criarysm.com/3hhq Driver: Scott van Breda ---- SUBSCRIBE!: https:/...
  13. J

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - Jordan Mugen 1998 Remastered 1.0

    This is my first skin for RaceDepartment. Livery of the 1998 Mugen-Jordan of Damon Hill for the 2019 Formula Hybrid of 2019. It contains the logos of the sponsors in the way they was in 2019 trying to make a remaster version of the livery and not exactly the same of 1998.
  14. kapten_zoom

    Mugello AI RSS Hybrid 2020 0.9

    AI for mugello with the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020. Did it for the Tuscan Grand Prix quickly and haven't tested it so much, but now the AI is much faster through turn 6 and 7. All round it makes for better races! Only tested witt RSS Formula Hybrid 2020! To install simply decompress the ai folder...
  15. I

    Renault Fconcept skin RSS v0.1

    So I created a concept Skin You can view High Definition Pics of the Skin here= Behance Skin Made for RSS Formula X Hybrid Car Can be bought here - Formula Hybrid X 2021 available! - RaceSimStudio racesimstudio.com How to install 1. Extract downloaded folder 2. Copy content to...
  16. I

    RSS Formula X HYbrid Skin Pack V0.1

    So I created some Fantasy Skins These Skins i made as project on Behance You can view High Definition Pics of the Skin here= https://www.behance.net/ItsSiddartha itssiddartha.myportfolio.com Skin Made for RSS Formula X Hybrid Car Can be bought here -...
  17. JamieFoppele

    Formula Hybrid 2020 - F1 2007 Spyker F8-VII 1.0

    A fantasy livery inspired by the Spyker 2007 F8-VII Formula car. The car was driven by Adrian Sutil, Christijan Albers (first 9 races), Markus Winkelhock (round 10) and Sakon Yamamoto (final 7 races). Sutil scored the team's only point that season. This car is however best known for it's...
  18. L

    2020 Alfa Romeo Racing C39 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    This is 2020's Alfa Romeo livery, for RSS Formula Hybrid 2020. Quite like this livery, it's surely and improvement over the 2019 one, though I find a bit sad that the team is giving less and less space to the Sauber/Swiss motif. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. For Helmets, you can find them in...
  19. Cozy61

    Alpha Tauri & Alfa Romeo RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 mashups #Stayathome 1.02

  20. L

    2020 Ferrari SF-1000 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 2.0

    This is my version of the Ferrari SF1000 for the FH2020. This time, livery made from scratch. I decided not to include helmets as they can be directly downloaded from the original author. The base for pitcrews and gloves was not mine, so credits are given. Gloves, Pitcrews...