Autumn Mod for Assetto Corsa Original Tracks by A.Fracasso

Autumn Mod for Assetto Corsa Original Tracks by A.Fracasso 1.1

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I've literally dreamed and hoped for seasonal textures for Assetto Corsa since the game was out of early access. This adds soo incredibly much to the athmosphere and immersion of the game!! Truely fantastic and looking gorgeous! All thumbs up for your dedication and talent. Thanks a lot!!!
Absolutely fantastic work. Thank you very much for spending your free time to make such a present to our community.
Wonderfull work! Thanks
Well done! for what its worth in pCars 2 I select fall 95% of the time as its such a gorgeous looking season. I wish all sims had season selection.
there is other autumn mod with better tree type but this mod color look more natural but evergreen @ nords look pale also hill @ Breidscheid look pale
Wonderfull work! Thanks so much...
a need!
Excellent mod. Very nice and atmospheric. With cloudy weather absolutely perfect. Thanks.
Didn't know that your awesome work was deleted from here!
I love your autumn textures.
It's a real pleasure to see the tracks - i.e. the trees of the tracks - in different colours.
Thank you very much!
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