1. Albs

    Autumn Mod for Assetto Corsa Original Tracks by A.Fracasso 1.1

    Re-up, since it was deleted for error by Racedepartment, fell free to check also my Wet Mod and Feldberg Wet/Autumn Mod Description Inspired by the great work by JW Modding with "Winter Monza" Mod I challenged myself in achieving a photorealistic and detailed Autumn landscape for several...
  2. Albs

    Feldbergring Wet 1.0

    Inspired by the great track by Fat-Alfie here comes the wet tarmac addition for Feldbergring. Installation First thing is to make sure you already have Fat-Alfie's original Feldbergring track, otherwise this addition won't work. As always, extract the archive in assetto corsa main...
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