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Auto Start System V1.5

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This app is now part of "Streaming? Sweet!!". Any future updates will be contained in the new app pack.

The Auto Start System is one of the primary apps that I use when streaming races from a second unattended PC. The application should manage keeping the car in the pits and out of the setup screens as often as possible. This includes during race countdowns, wait time between session, and at all other times when cars are driving on track.

There is a Ctrl+M hotkey for toggling the app on and off.


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Latest updates

  1. support for tracks with poorly (or no) defined pit lane

    This version should work on tracks with no pit lane as long as AutoStart can properly detect...
  2. bug fixing my bug fix

    V1.3 was meant to correct a bug in certain situations, but I think it also created a bug in...
  3. updated logic to help keep the streaming car in pit lane

    The previous code would occasionally fail to put the car in pit lane when AC refused to accept...

Latest reviews

I have had some problems with BCast when it comes to switch cameras between players. Everything else is amazing, I hope it works when the production guys change cameras and use the Bcast controls
Another gem from Esotic!
Awesome! No more forgetting and being left on the grid at race starts :)
Hello, that's a great app. But what are the TV overlays in your stream with the tower and the 3 drivers at the bottom of the screen where the 3 drivers show the distances? Is that from the app or what is it for?
  • OzBoz
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: Assetto Corsa Automation for Unattended Streaming
Works like a charm! I drive with VR and it's a pain to also take a look at my laptop while using it for the stream. Now I can just start the stream and no need to worry about closing screens or removing the stream car from the grid. Thanks!