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Audi Sport e-tron FORMULA ONE TEAM

Audi Sport e-tron FORMULA ONE TEAM 1.0

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This is my skin for the @SeanBullDesign Audi R19 e-tron. It will replace Red Bull. Version 1.0 is only the car skin but I'm planning to do a full team mod. I'll leave some reference images and some screenshots. Hope you enjoy.

3d8c0579509791.5cc5874bb95b9.jpg screen 1 .png screen 3 .jpg screen 2 .jpg

Latest reviews

Nice Skin buddy, are u still working on the Team skins?
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Completely incredible, very good level of detail!
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Can you adapt this skin to F1 2019? And make suits as well?
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Hey! I love it but after installing the drag&drop files, i start a Race and the game Closes to desktop. No other mods installed, just vanilla game. Have you got any idea what could happen?
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Good look, can't wait for the full thing
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Now this skin looks quite nice, and it is a good skin for the game, but sadly in RL this skin wouldn't be made... the colour mix of all, makes it hard to but sponsors on it... but like i said, for the game itself nice one ^^

So now i need some other skins for the different season... -.-'' man... thats the only thing i hate about good skins.. i just can't decide what skin i use because there are so many good skins out until this point..
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Great Car
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