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F1 Honda Racing Team Honda Racing v1.4 - works with 1.22

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Hello everyone, this is my first mod for F1 2019. Since Honda is doing quite well in F1 I pictured a return as a team replacing Toro Rosso so I present to you the Honda RA119.
The main sponsor is vype since it's the brand used by British American Tobacco for their vapour product.
The mod is more or less complete, i'm working on some small details that will be added in the next and last update (mostly caps, better gloves and some small adjustments).
If you want to use this mod for other projects just tag me.
Hope you enjoy.

Latest updates

  1. General Update - works with version 1.22

    Hi everyone, I've been absent for a long time but now I should be back. Since a lot of people...
  2. missing files in the mod

    There was a file missing in the r_n_d folder, now everything should be fine.
  3. Full team package

    I'm working on the garage and other small details like caps and the rnd area glasses. But for...

Latest reviews

Thanks bro! I was looking for a mod who replace Toro Rosso by Honda
very nice
I like this mod but Gasly's number is missing so the numbers at the front are on the shoulders.
Awesome! Very tempted to start a whole new career mode just to use this mod more!
Can you upload the missin black driver numbers please?
I like this but how can I installed?
Great mod ! only 1 little flaw on the car livery , would it be possible to correct the honda logo on the left side of the car as it is backwards ?
Great Mod! Hope for the last missing details like the driver cap :)
Maybe it's possible to rename the files like the original files? then it's much easyer to find and replace the correct files.
thank you
Simply brilliant, thank you!
Hope the full livery coming soon
very good, you are working now too on full team package? and, this is can be used only for toro rosso?
Yes, only Toro Rosso, maybe I'll release a version with the chassis swap so you can use the car for every other team but it's a bit complicated.
Amazing job mate! would be great if you could do a full team package.
Thanks! The full team mod will be released in the next days!

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