Aston Martin Racing 4.0

A custom livery for Aston Martin replacing Renault

  1. JoshuaMyatt123
    I can't do anything about the reverse text on the opposite side. If anyone knows how to fix this, help would be much appreciated.

    Aston Martin Racing

    Inspiration from:

    What does the mod include?
    • Decal file
    • Paint file
    • GarageCrew.erp
    • Pitstop.erp
    • Incardriver.erp
    • Williams carmodel option
    • Career Hub
    If you want to see any improvement or want a full team package, leave feedback below!

    20170330180708_1.jpg 20170330180703_1.jpg 20170330181703_1.jpg 20170330181711_1.jpg 20170418165556_1.jpg 20170421180012_1.jpg 20170422155327_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. allflattious
    Version: 3.0
    Awesome stuff will be looking forward to using this in the future ;)
  2. allflattious
    Version: 1.0
    Really nice skin mate! Would love a full team package of this if you can do it as I'd like to use it for my Career Mode on YT!

    Is there anyway you can add the small streaks of yellow on the skin? It would be 5 stars if you can do that :D
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