AMG T-Mobile Mercedes 1.0

A custom fantasy livery for Mercedes

  1. JoshuaMyatt123
    AMG T-Mobile Mercedes

    Sky Sports - 'Mercedes decide to part way with Petronas after the Malaysian Grand Prix left the sport due to funding cuts. Petronas saw no use in sponsoring the Mercedes team due to low publicity in Malaysia. T-Mobile the German telecoms company paid a huge 8 figure fee to sponsor Mercedes'

    Mod Includes
    • Paint and Decal files
    • Car model file
    • Common_sponsor files
    • Logo's for driver suit
    Screenshots (sorry for hud)
    20170419181113_1.jpg 20170419181121_1.jpg 20170419181156_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. race.dgz
    Version: 1.0
    Good mod, only issue is that there's Petronas sponsorship on the rear wing when it clearly says in the description that Petronas no longer sponser them, apart from that, good mod
    1. JoshuaMyatt123
      Author's Response
      I forgot to mention it in the backstory bus that Petronas still supply Mercedes with fuel hence why the Petronas sponsor is still there
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